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Foreign [Music] My name is David Wilkes And I'm looking for 50 000 pounds for Five percent in my company which Manufactures A big water saving product which is in a Little box called the interflush Available from my website into flush dot Co dot UK And I shall just demonstrate what it Does now Right just one little problem with that And all of the flushing devices Press the handle let go and they all Flush fixed volumes of water the full System though the way it goes Now as you can see that's a lot of water Every time so if I just refill that with Water Sit And whilst that filler you'll note the Colors of this Red white and blue It's invented in Yorkshire and it's made In Yorkshire Right so there's a toilet pan so that's Flushing pan clear let go stop flushing Just use what water you need and when You fit this you say 47 of the flushing Water and that's it basically Available in a box David Wilkes DIY Innovation is a simple Attachment to the toilet which enables

The user to control the amount of water Flushed by letting go of the lever it Has the potential to save millions of Gallons but only if he can persuade the Public to buy into his concept David I'm Doug hi let's say somebody Fits one of your thingamajiggers into Their toilet and into flush yes an Interflush That's a change of behavior isn't it yes I'm glad you're proud of it um because My habit I can't speak for everyone Else's toilet flushing habits is when I Push down the lever Um I push it down until I hear the Toilet flushing and I let it go because I guess I assume it's all going to kind Of take care of itself yes but now I'm Going to have to pay attention yes okay I'm gonna have to push it down and watch Is that correct yes just glance well For a period of time I will be looking At my crap going down yes yes just Checking David The thought of having to look at My when I go to the toilet Afterwards is sort of borderline for me Especially if you're going as I would Call it when I was a little kid and I Haven't changed now I call it Big Toilets so when you go to the big toilet You can't wait to close that top seat Down so I can't get my head round Watching

As if it's some form of ritual being Quite a proud moment with perhaps a Little well brutal sort of you know Yodel in the background sort of saying It's finished now and it's all over and It's gone away right well you've just Built it up to such a massive thing most People look inside look at the pan Anyway to make sure it's clear for the Next person so talking this up that You're going to remember what's in the Tub you don't remember it at all all you Remember is if it's out of the ordinary Does that make sense to anybody else David peripheral vision it doesn't it Gives me a bit of a vision of where You're going but it it sort of concerns Me well you're not looking at it with The X-ray eyes of Superman are you David you're very aggressive David's hostile man is not endearing him To the dragons he'll need to work much Harder to persuade them he's worth Investing in I Now understand the device Just one small thing I don't understand Anything about the business uh all the Money invested in this so far is just From me it's got pain coverage on it so There's a worldwide licensing right Um Depends which way Humanity wants to go Basically I mean at the moment sorry say That again it depends which way Humanity

Wants to go or Humanity Humanity at the Moment we're using resources up at the Rate of we need three and a half planets To supply them well we haven't got three And a half planets we've got one water Saving is what it's all about that may Be the case somebody somebody else needs To run with this Pressing the dragons Duncan bannatyne wants to know where He's been trying to sell his product David hudishi I mean customer basis Um anybody who wants to save water and Money basically I was hoping you're Going to say that you already saw it to A chain of hotels or a chain of pubs or Bars or something like that but you Haven't now a lot of my time has been Wasted actually talking to water Companies their revenue is from selling Water so something that'll save them so Much water well basically if 25 of the Population fit in this the water Companies want to take a drop in revenue Of 300 million pounds a year most Companies are in business primarily to Make money that's right and if the water Company reduces the water flow it Reduces its profit that's right Right you thought they would okay it Took a while for the penny to drop but It dropped I'm saying I wasted a lot my Marketing time on approaching those People

[Music] David's lack of business now has Exasperated Duncan bannatyne If I invested in your debut you would Just drive me mad You know I'm out okay Trouble one dragon is already out Peter Jones though wants more financial detail To understand the investment opportunity David can we talk about some specifics Yes what's your Revenue you're expecting To make this year 200k 200k Revenue Turnover turnover and what profit are You expecting to make this year probably Noticed first year in common with most Businesses really no no business I've Ever started or been involved with What price will you be selling them at 17.95 what's the wholesale price Wholesale price that'll be nine pounds And how many of these products would you Sell through wholesale and how many Products will you sell direct oil sale Maybe uh Twenty thousand and through Direct Twenty thousand so you're gonna turn Over about 540 000 this year now Is it around fine You haven't got a clue have you David uh I think you're completely uninvestable As an individual Uh the product just it doesn't do Anything for me at all and I'm

Absolutely not interested investing in The product all year okay no problem That's all right David and Theo hello we haven't spoken Yeah I'm not going to invest okay David's pitch is going disastrously Two dragons remain Rachel Elmore Suspects he's got his priorities all Wrong David can I just ask are you more of an Eco Warrior than an entrepreneur Yeah I suppose I am here This could save 250 000 tons of carbon Dioxide over 500 million kilowatt hours Of electricity are these more important To you than making money The American money is a byproduct that's True for me The reasons You know we're using all the planet's Resources up now is because everybody's Obsessed with making money David I'm Going to declare myself out I don't think it's one for me at all David you may very well view yourself as Saving the world no just water In trying to save the world but let me Leave you with a message I don't think You have a right to sit there and preach To me about how the world's going to Hunt a handbasket solely because people Want to make money which is what you Just said I'll give you a response to That there's a lot of good in making

Money you want to know why it drives People to do things to innovate create To be entrepreneurs and to change the World And so you say the business has to make Money no it should be your driver to Drive that profit to drive this product And because of that you are not going to Succeed and so my message back to you is I would get off your holy horse well I Never was someone and I'm sorry you got The wrong impression I'm sorry you gave It Thank you good luck thank you David Wilkes has felt the full force For sustain his minions were completely At odds with theirs and they could see No way of working with him If it doesn't sell he doesn't get to Save the world so if he could think About getting it to sell then he might Save the world he's flushed 10 years of His life down the toilet [Applause] Well David Culture Clash But what do you mean America well there Were a whole lot of culture yes there Were they just didn't get it the penny And the penny didn't drop you came Across though it's quite defensive one Said you were aggressive I think it Looked more defensive but it wasn't a Kind of good way to persuade them of

Your point of view they were asking the Wrong questions all the time and they Hadn't understood it really then Understood that uh We do need to save water I've never met Anyone who has so much strong feeling About toilet flushing but it's really Been a great place it's a waste of water Hi my name is Jason Mustafa I'm the Managing director and co-founder of Third door work Hub and Nursery hello my Name's Yusuf I'm the co-founder of third Door We are here today to raise 120 000 Pounds in return for 20 equity in our Innovative business For many working parents Child Care can Be expensive and inflexible and if You're a home-based employee or Home-based worker having a new baby at Home can be great but it can also affect Productivity So we found a new solution a new way of Working third door is a integrated Combined professional workspace with an On-site flexible daycare Nursery Basically the parents dropped the child Off at the nursery woke up the stairs And they're in the worker professional Offices with everything you need from Modern office In the last four years we've taken an Idea through to concept through to break Even and hopefully with your investment

You can help us to grow okay so our Investment so far has been about four Hundred thousand Turnover in our first year was only 58 000. loss was about 193 000. Year two has been 193 000. yeah with a net loss of 11 000. Yeah year three we're projected to make 381 000. With a net profit of uh about ninety Thousand and this your third year is About to start or is you're in it now It's about to start okay So where have you spent all that money We paid sixty thousand rent deposit our Fit out was about 200 000. wow well the The the rents is uh 60 000 a year and Then working capital So I'm struggling to see why you're Losing so much money okay how many Children can you accommodate 24. 24. Well 400 000 pounds to spend for 24 Children is too expensive okay That is a disaster What do you think the value of your Office space is what rent can you get For your office space Um I'd say more than a thousand a day Well it seems to me that you should just Close the nursery and rent it out then Because that's 365 000 a year you're Projecting 381 000 pounds worth of Revenue yeah you know so when's your

Year end the urine's actually August but We've been giving you the figures based And since we've been open so may to April and then may to April again Does that make sense Uh would get slightly complicated it Does complicate things slightly because It'd be nice to say when I looked at a Set of accounts of my last year end that Was my profit figures so if we looked at Your accounts what would they say Okay so the accounts for the the end of Year one Um Sorry let me just think about this You've got your account you know that You print them out the number at the Bottom now I know um they're the most Important number of the year yeah What I can definitely tell you from September 2011 to date we've made 131 000 okay turnover Two numbers before is what we can't Remember because we've been focused on The others and the loss on that was Remember the loss because they're the Two numbers on the I'm getting really frustrated here Sorry can I ask why are you getting Frustrated I'm getting frustrated Because you've ignored the most Commercial profitable part of that Business plan and Pitch the most Unprofitable part

And can't even remember the figures to Do it let's let's very sorry I'm out I think you forgot that actually the Most important thing about the business Is detail It's sometimes the pressure of the den Can get to people and it's clearly got To you So I'm going to say that I'm out thank You very much Next to face the dragons is Jonathan Astor from London now he's making a good Living from his business but he wants a Hundred thousand pounds from the dragons To turn it into something much bigger Remember he has to get at least that Amount or he goes away with nothing Foreign My name is Jonathan Astor Um I'm here to present my company the Ambient All-Stars Um I set up my company three and a half Years ago Um off the back of just an idea that Just came to me um That idea was simply Advertising on the back of career bikes Uh predominantly in the London area and I was one of the first first people to Advertise on smart cars using it as a Media Naturally Um being an innovator as an entrepreneur

I've enjoyed working within ambient Media Ambient media is the generic term for Anything that's deemed to be Innovative Creative and non-traditional One final piece it's something that I'm developing as a clean ad this idea Here is simple in the terms of we take a Stencil we place it on a street we apply A high pressure hose over it we remove The stencil and by by lifting dirt off The street we leave an impression on the Street so it becomes an environmentally Friendly advertisement I'm looking for Investment to really take this company And project it onto the marketplace as One of the most Innovative Non-traditional Niche media specialists In the UK Jonathan wants a hundred thousand pounds To build his offbeat advertising agency And in return he's offering 15 of the Company Jonathan hi I'm Rachel hi The immediate thing having dealt with Lots of creative agencies and media Planning ones they're notoriously Difficult to scale aren't they because They're all about ideas and Innovation The investment therefore is a new and I'm just struggling to see what the Investment opportunity is you're right It does it does center around me at this Minute in time a large part of the

Investment will go towards creative Support in five years time what I want To do is it is selling off a very Niche Crack team within ambient media to a Large Media Group so knowledge will be Passed on at the moment Um it's not about knowledge though is it Jonathan it's about creative Innovation So If you go under a bus there's a there's A serious problem there's immediate Problem I mean I didn't plan for being Run over by bus Answering back to Rachel Eleanor is not The best way to win investment Unlike Jonathan she thinks a business Based entirely on his creative ideas is High risk Duncan Valentine has different questions [Music] Hi Jonathan hi 2004 turnover in profit Um is 125 000 pounds profit on that is 65 000 pounds ton of 125 mid 65 000 was That before your wages or after your Wages that that's something that are Taken um as my salary right whether any Employees that employers no Jonathan Where are we going with this I mean you're a one-man band the salary That you've earned of the last uh three Years is way way below what uh a senior Executive in an agency would be earning Anyway I I I I'm sure I'm sure that's

Not right the central point of which no I don't agree with that but but maybe Well I'm sorry Well please agree with it because until Recently I owned a very successful one So I know what I was paying my people of Course so I know exactly what they were Earning they would be learning a lot More than this now Cars have been around taxes have been Around I was advertising on cars and Taxes 1990-91 sure so it's not new I'm not Sure where we're going with what you've Got that's other than I'm Jonathan I'm a Great guy back me I appreciate your Point on the edgy seller is if you own An agency you're aware of salary so I Apologize for that Um I still didn't agree with it but That's that's totally Irrelevant in Terms of of the in terms of the actual Concept here it's not taxi advertising Different it is a transport media and Serve a similar purpose but it's not That you can frown and put a face at it I would never ever pull that face Because I have confidence in in what I've started that doesn't mean I don't Respect your opinion I do I'm just going To be fair fair with you do not respect My opinion Of course it's confrontational with your Business because I I respect your

Opinion listen not a problem right That's good not not a problem let me Finish sure not a problem Right I would draw the stick pins in my eyes And invest in this so on that basis I'm Out in which case considering that's Your term of speaking I don't really Read to you I don't think that's the way To conduct I wouldn't want you to work With you so and I'm happy to rule you Out but I wish you best of luckwise Jonathan's refusal to accept any Criticism has antagonized theopa fetus With one Dragon already out will Doug Richard follow suit Jonathan Fundamentally I have absolutely no idea How this would translate into a scalable Investment Okay period literally I cannot imagine How and the exit opportunity is selling A team of people notoriously hard to do And I don't see how I'd ever make money On it so I I won't invest I think that's A I think it's a far more pleasant way Of of responding to that and and Appreciate your comments [Music] Peter Jones to put in the hundred Thousand pounds he needs Foreign Of sticking pins and needles in my eyes Or invest in you I would invest in you

But if it's a choice between standing in The shower and letting the money drip Away and investing you I'd be stuck if We know which way to go I mean you're a One-man band and even the one man in the Band fights for everybody who's Considered an investment in them I I I Kind of agree as I mentioned before I Don't mean to be confrontational but at The end of the day you are Confrontational whether you're meant to Be or not and that's the reason I Wouldn't invest in you or your company That's fine with me Determined to stand his ground Jonathan Is alienating the dragons one by one Can he keep himself in check with Rachel Elenor and Peter Jones [Music] Uh I'm Peter Peter I'm pleased to say That you've you've clearly dressed up For the occasion today um it obviously Means a lot to you to be here which it Does um and dressing like that certainly Doesn't appeal to me so first off you You've already instantly got my backup Which only means one thing it means that Unless you've got a fantastic business And a great pitch you're not going to Get me in and what you haven't got is a Great pitch if you've given nothing away That actually would suggest that you've Got a business here that's going to make Money apart from perhaps further your

Own Camp put money in your pocket which Clearly you need because you couldn't Afford a suit today I'm not used to Ignore that comment I think it's it's Nonsensical it doesn't it is it's Nonsense it goes It goes It goes right Through me well let me explain to you That it's not nonsensical for one reason And one reason only I'm not asking you For money you're asking me for money and Had you known that it's about Presentation for Peter Jones To get my first interest That's how I gauge it because you get One chance and one chance only And you blew it for me I'm I don't want To be judged for my clothes that I wear It's how I live my life okay you haven't Given me anything that's Innovative I Can't see the business ever making money I'm not going to invest in you today Fair enough thank you Jonathan This isn't an investment is it you are a Creative innovator and there are loads Of really small successful agencies or Medium-sized agencies and and really That's your Niche but this isn't an Investment proposition and I think That's that's the problem today that's Fine so I I'm out I'm afraid It's all over for Jonathan who endured One of the most Savage confrontations Yet in the Dragon's Den [Music]

That guy is Prickly you talk about but That's his wall s His world's a world of business he's Gonna tell him something he disagrees With can you imagine I'm saying that I Told you you're wrong and you know That's right they are that's how they're Like with the clients Rachel believe it Or not I've actually spent a little bit On marketing and advertising in my life And you know Some of them are better than him [Applause] Well you didn't get the money obviously It was quite a prickly confrontation Really wasn't it I didn't mean to Obviously come across competition Obviously I've got the greatest respect For for for my very successful people But the reason why I should sell myself Short because because they they they Shouldn't really intimidate me about Something that I feel to be irrelevant So when you answered Theo back how what Were you feeling when you cross were you Were you in control at that stage I Wasn't feeling at all angry or violent I'm not an angry or violent person I Didn't feel anything I just felt that Just seems the right thing to say now I Looked him in the eye and I just wanted To want him to to know that even though I respect his opinion I've got a big Respect of what I do

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