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Foreign [Music] Next up is a product that helps couples Stay in sync [Music] Hello sharks I'm Jen and I'm Ryan we are The founders of lovesync from Cleveland Ohio we're seeking a hundred thousand Dollars for ten percent of our company Sharks imagine this you're out on a Romantic date with your significant Other great food a fine bottle of O'Leary Merlot and there are no Distractions from enjoying each other's Company I think we all know that nights Like this usually finished with a happy End But what about those everyday nights When life gets in the way in sexy times Often becomes a take it or leave it Proposition like tonight it could be Down for a little dance in the sheets But he assumes that she is exhausted From a stressful day lets the moment Pass Little does he know she'd be up for a Quick bed buggy to unwind but she is Tired and she figures it's going to take More energy than She's Got Tonight to Distract him away from his work The reality is these types of situations Play out more often than people realize What if there was a way we could know Our partners subtle desires when they're

Not always made obvious now there is the Lovesync button lets you and your Partner know when your moods are matched Turning missed opportunities into more Romance it works like this simply place A button at each nightstand and plug Into power Evenings where she's feeling a little Frisky she discreetly Taps her button it If she's the only one who Taps her Partner never knows she enjoys her sleep But he's also a tad Randy he'll Discreetly tap his button the lovesync Technology recognizes they're both Privately thinking the same thing And lets him know by emitting a swirling Glow from the buttons they can now make Their moves with confidence Knowing their partner is good to go With lovesync couples desires are Fulfilled more frequently leading to a Happier relationship isn't it time for Those of us already in relationships to Have a little Tech to help us hook up More so sharks who have you want to get In bed with us and help get the world Love synced Nice we're gonna go ahead and excuse our Couple for a little private time Barbara Kevin go test it all right So why did you come up with this one Night I was laying there on the fence is Like if I knew it wasn't gonna be a lot Of work tonight if she's like down ready

To go I'm like I'd go for it and I don't Know that's when it struck and it was Just one of the ideas so so Jen yeah What do you think of this once I got it It was like a light bulb moment after Using the buttons now for several months It's it's a gadget that I we don't want To get rid of we've gotten a lot of Feedback from our backers who have said They didn't even realize The opportunities that they were missing Until they got the button what are your Sales we made twenty five thousand Dollars on Kickstarter and that's how Many units uh that was of 400 units have You fulfilled the all the orders on Kickstarter yes what do you sell it for Around 60. 6 6. that's not bad people Pay a lot more for Guns and Roses to get The same thing what do they what do they Cost to make so at our first moq of a Thousand units we have twenty two Dollars uh that'll go down to 14 or less Share with us your background because I Is this your full-time job no no so I um I'm a chief product engineer I work on Consumer robotics actually robotic lawn Mowers I am uh the operations manager For American Family Counseling Practice Well that would make sense you know we Know that the future in this is with Mobile We are currently developing Uh a mobile app I'm having a hard time

With the basic premise I mean what about You two guys why don't you just talk to Me say look I want some sex you win or Out but here's the problem love sync is Going to make communicating romantically Easier and more efficient that's what Technology has done for us and all other Aspects of Our Lives what I was sitting Here thinking was the exact opposite Yeah so many people complain today that Actually technology and people being on Their phones and not communicating has Become like overpowering and and Actually a bad thing I don't see this as Sexy romantic I see it as technology Going too far like to a place where I Feel like just communicating is so much More important I'm so sorry I don't Believe in this so it is not a Replacement there is some science about This our sexual desire ranges on a Spectrum from ice cold like it's just Not happening right now right to Red Hot I'm gonna let you know what I'm thinking I'm going to communicate you're gonna Get your point across so you're gonna Communicate do that are you saying that Motivation is the fear of rejection yeah So this is why the app this is why we Are pivoting I hate the app the hardware Is There are millions of apps sitting on Platforms that never get used if you Have the app working right now and you

Put it do I even get you more sex you Would have to get customers acquired That would require Capital to figure out What's my customer acquisition cost Whether it's this button or whether it's An app and you know I think there's a Fair amount of skepticism up here about This to be honest with you I think it Would work right for enough people but This is a business you haven't said Anything at all about the business other Than you've done a Kickstarter that Doesn't tell me you have anything to Invest in here's the business so once we Launch the app we We'll start growing our user base slowly At first to start get feedback and and Uh right that's not an answer right You're stumbling all over it so then It's gonna be a subscription model Because this is obviously people are Saying this is not the buses now we're On the app that's right like I said the App is the future of this and I will Tell you why that is ah so Anybody out there who's thinking like That's a dumb idea what happened there's Always a piece Let's try it could be fun let's see what Happens you know all right you're all Over the map Ryan you are you're making Things more confusing Ryan I'm out I Just can't see you getting from point A To point B I don't think you're

Organized enough to make this work So here's my thought on it my favorite Part of my relationship with my wife is Talking crap all day about all the Things I'm going to do and then I just Fall asleep I don't even do that I've Heard it right that's true but that's The Romantic part right you know she Knows that I love her she knows that I'm Attracted by her and I'm like oh I'm Gonna do this I'm gonna do this and She's like sure buddy you're not doing Anything and that's the beautiful part About it so I just don't I think it's a Little too early right now for me I'm Out I'd give this a shot if I could okay The price point is too high the cost to Make it is too high but here's the real Problem with your business plan It's Ryan I'm going to tell you Ryan why You're a problem you don't listen you're So in love with your idea that you're Tripping over yourself to express your Love again and again and you really have An adequately answered any objection That has been raised here you you jump Skipped onto your new app that's a Problem because the entrepreneurs that Don't listen never make it I don't care What kind of product they have in their Hand and so that is the scariest thing In the world and the scariest place in The world for me to put money so sadly As much as I actually like what you've

Done here I'm out for that reason Guys I'm sorry You did a poor job presenting I'm out Good luck guys all right good luck Goodbye guys good luck guys thank you Very much We are so excited about this product and This technology and all the ideas that We have for it I think we let that get The best of us and we weren't effective Enough in communicating the plan that we Actually have to do that First into the tank is a business that Helps find love in a unique way Foreign [Music] Hi my name is Brendan Alper and I'm from Brooklyn New York I'm seeking 200 000 For a five percent stake in my company Hater the only company in the world that Can make love using the power of Hate Now sharks I know most of you aren't Single anymore but let's take a ride in My time machine shall we [Music] A jawline so powerful Mark picture this It's the year 1990 and you're on a Mediocre first date it's going okay You're talking you both like your jobs You both like sports boring but then you Start talking about how much you hate Basketball referees how would you feel About that I never had a bad day but I Get your point

When it comes to dating hating always Gets overlooked but there are studies That show that people who hate the same Things actually form closer bonds than People who love the same things very Interesting point yeah and that's why I Invented hater the dating app that Matches you based on what you hate That's great Wanna see how it works yes sir okay now Rohan you're today's lucky Bachelor okay Okay we're gonna try to find you love Through hate but the other sharks get to Play along too here you go okay one for Each Thank you I love a game this is great there you go So we're gonna play hate this or like This right here's how it works I'm going To show you topics on the screen and you Have to say whether you love or hate Them then we can find your perfect match Okay okay all right so staying in on a Friday night I'm okay People who only eat organic Wow All right selfies Mr Wonderful no question he's not here To defend himself that's not fair all Right now we're gonna find your perfect Match ready Foreign [Laughter] See how well it works

[Music] So here we have Barbara and we can see All the things that she hates so Everything that she swiped on you get to See and everything you've swiped on she Gets to see that's pretty cool great Insight going into it it's really Interesting and so you download the app And then you start throwing questions at Me like you threw to us exactly and I Swiped left or swipe right or that's Right there's five different options you Can hate love dislike like or neutral The key to this is acquisition right so How many people are on this app so we Launched around Valentine's day of this Year and we already have over half a Million people and what's your biggest Concentration in any one city uh it's New York and Oslo are actually tied So how are you making money the app is Free right now and it's early plan to Make money so we're testing out a few Different ways but the most interesting Part is actually the data here so let's Say you wanted to advertise one of your Products we could slide it in as a topic And not only can we tell you who loves Your product what demographics hate it We can also tell you people who love Your product product also love these Flavors or hate these celebrities you Have no sales today zero sales that's Correct but you have a four million

Dollar valuation yes today got it a Typical app yeah how did you come up With this brand I gotta know right out Of college I uh I needed some money so I Went to go work on Wall Street I stuck It out for six years and I hated it Um and I finally worked up the courage To quit and become a comedy writer and Hater was originally a comedy sketch Idea that I had but the more I thought About it the more I thought there's I Actually think there's a demand for this I think people would use this if we Could make a product that was as good as The idea and so that was about two years Ago I set off on the journey and here I Am today wow but how do you support Yourself doing this new business so up Until this point I have not paid myself A salary I liquidated my 401k I cashed All my life savings How much have you raised until we raised 500k we just closed on the investment Yeah wow from a very exciting investor As well uh it's the founders of King uh The mobile gaming company how much Equity do they get for that they get 12.5 so it was 3.5 free money and then After their money we're now at 4 million How did they find you so they knew that The only way that we were going to get Market saturation if we made a big Splash right away uh so one of the first Guys that I hired was a PR guy and for

Months we just worked on Crafting this Story making the pitch and sending it to As many reporters as we could and within A few days we had hundreds of thousands Of people wow what's your daily active Users daily active users closer to eight To ten thousand okay so that's why You're here because that's that's not Anywhere near enough for people to Really get dates from it exactly what Makes these things successful is density In a Marketplace so tell me about how Many people in New York and what the Engagement and ongoing consumer Interaction is in New York that's our Number one city we have tens of Thousands of users in terms of daily Active I think we have a few thousand Every day So as the only one on this panel who's Actually not married you know I may use These apps and uh my biggest need would Be options sure and I think that from Your numbers what I'm lacking is the Sheer density of people so yeah from my Experiences maybe you just take that Money and really drive out in two cities Right because you know there's enough Population in New York City alone right Then there's a whole Buzz around it when You start spreading yourself too thin Then there's just not enough in each Market for my level expertise I I prefer A more dense user base in a particular

City because then I can see what the Interactions are and then I've been Jumping in much as I love you I'm out Okay The name is pure genius because it's Contrary even your opposite upside down Heart I love okay I believe it's a Constant press hook and you happen to Live in New York City the Press capital Of the world how convenient so I'm going To offer you 250 000 for five percent More than you're asking And I want you to answer me now because I'm clearly being a jerk offering you More than you're asking for wow I'm Gonna take you to leave it exploding off You're saying I don't get to hear from Anyone else yes that's what it goes away If he says no if anyone wants to jump in Right now Though I'm sorry I gotta come in and be A hater and disrupt this but I really Like it but I like it for a much bigger Reason I think that we could take the App far but I also see haters could Become a brand like a big brand I could See hater products hater age I could see Haterade We don't like beverage it's too Expensive it gets my mind going because This is what excites me this is what I Do is this an offer Lori or is this a Joke I'm going to make you an offer my Offer is going to be the 200 000 for 10

Percent [Music] Off the table So you know I'm not going to be somebody Who hands you off to an assistant of Mine I'm going to be somebody who Actually sits with you brainstorms Works Figures it out together you're gonna get Me you're gonna get my time you're gonna Get that personal shark holding your Hand all along so exciting now let's Talk business Hi you either have to go big or go home Right because none of your Brands a lot Of your brands are going to give you any Money unless you have a big enough user Base would you agree with that I would Agree with that okay so in order to get To those places you have to have visible Celebrity influencer type people that Use the app and then on top of that I Love the gaming aspect that's why King Came in to you right because that's Something different they're looking for New platforms that can accelerate that's Why they investor correct okay exactly So we're all on the same page so far We're on the same page are you giving an Offer right so is there an offer here so Let me tell you what I can do A lesson go Mark no so what I can do is Obviously celebrities right whether play For the Mavs throughout the NBA actors Whatever I'll give you the 200 000 but I

Want seven and a half percent plus I Want two and a half percent in advisory Shares so we sort of matching so it's a Similar deal we sold the farm same deal As Lori and You're Gonna Save money Going out and getting the influencers And he'd like to have me in on the deal With him no Brandon what's your answer to Microsoft I my answer is I would like to hear from Robert okay so you're not sold on my Offer Whoa by the time you're done with Him I may not be here make it exploding Brandon love it I hate the idea of Making it wider right now it's all about Density Mark's long Preamble is right You got to get out there kids are going To love to play it I have to tell you The pr angle from this is huge but I Think you're going to need a little more Money I think you have to run faster do Events in a couple of cities I'd start With New York and L.A and I actually Think the person that would be really Good with you on this is Barbara I love Working with her here's my offer I'll also give you 250 000. with Barbara If she'll come along for 15 percent So 500 000 For 15 250 from Barbara 250 for me let's Blow this thing up I would go in for the Five hundred thousand dollars with Robert for the 15 percent I'm torn because I want to work with all

Of you right there the thing I'll add You'd have to spend money for the Influencers you'd have to spend money For the parties with the celebrities That's going to be a cost even with King Involved that won't be a cost with me Involved and that's the difference So what are you gonna do Brendan [Music] The one thing I've learned with Founders And the biggest mistake they make not Taking enough money in I'll leave you with that that is true [Music] Take the money [Music] I think I have to go with my gut here I'm gonna go with Mark This is amazing Thank you appreciate that thank you yeah We'll have so much fun thanks Brandon This is right up my alley going in I Really wanted Mark I just know he has Experience in the technology space and He has the connections that can really Take theater to the next level Next into the tank is an Innovative way To tie the knot [Music] Hi sharks my name is James Cass and my Name is Adrian Gonzalez we are from Las Vegas Nevada and our company is the Whiting wagon we are seeking an Investment of 125 000 in exchange for 20

Equity in our company the wedding wagon Is the world's first casual and Affordable mobile wedding service right Now couples that want to get married Really only have a couple of options Either a boring ceremony down to the Justice of the piece or a big Complicated and costly wedding at a Church or a hotel and that's when we Come in at the wedding wagon instead of Them going to the chapel the chapel Comes to them And a couple calls us and we meet them At the location of their choice that Means the most to them we bring an Officiant and a photographer for a fun And memorable ceremony so let's say for Instance Mr Wonderful you wanted to Renew your vows of sharp love with Barbara Oh let's do that in a parking lot Again you'd pick up the phone and you Call us and we would meet you at a Location of your choice and we can't Think of a better one but Shark Tank oh Let's show you how it works I'll let you know how he kisses at the End Seriously Barbara Mr Wonderful would you Please join us please welcome welcome Lovebirds I'd like you to turn to face Each other just a little bit if you Would Barbara no ceremony would be Complete without flowers thank you and

We'll put a nice little veil on you how Does that sound Kevin I'll be your ring Bearer your best man I also need a Lawyer for prenup right now Well we are gathered here today to Witness and to celebrate I object a Short love Between Mr Wonderful and the real deal Now hold her hand gently just like that Now look into her eyes lovingly and Repeat after me I promise to always be a Nice shark I promise to always be a nice Shark and to never interrupt you when You're speaking that's never going to Happen Please repeat after me I promise to Always be a nice shark I always promise to be a nice shark and To uphold all of our deals for all time And never do a deal with you ever again It's good enough I will crush you like The Cockroach you are I Now Pronounce your shark love renewed And you may seal your commitment with a Kiss Last time I did this I turned to stone [Music] That's fantastic All right that is adorable Sharks we launched our business in the Wedding capital of the world and you Probably can figure out where that's at And now we're ready to take our concept Nationwide so who's ready to say I do to

The wedding wagon What does it cost to get married in Your Wagon you know we started our business Launched at 99 how many can you bang out In a day we do about would you say six To eight Adrian a day to eight a day What were your sales last year 243 Thousand dollars wow and that's what the Two-person operation I gotta tell you I Never would have thought you would have Said that what's the expansion plan is This going to work in other cities or is Vegas the only place you can drive up in A van and get married I'm very glad you Asked that question because it's a very Very exciting time in the history of the Wedding wagon we actually sold the Las Vegas wedding wagon to new owners last Year so that we could devote our time And attention to launching the franchise Company which is why we're here today Really yes we envision a Los Angeles Winning wagon a Miami wedding wagon you Did 240 000 in sales what did you sell It for we sold the wedding wagon the Las Vegas version for 120 000. did you sell The rights to all of Las Vegas for 125 000 for the wedding we did yes that's it So you can't reestablish a wedding wagon There and that's worse than that Kevin You own that right and you pretty much Had the whole game to yourself you Couldn't find enough demand into wedding Capital of the world to get to a second

Truck we did actually have a second Wagon we hired another team and what Happened is that suddenly our time was Being taken with so-and-so called out Sick and we realized that an employee Doesn't have the same commitment as an Owner no no Adrian come on you can't say That they were making you money you Wouldn't have sold that off for half of Your sales No you got nothing I'm out [Music] What were you gonna charge for a Franchise our franchise fee is twenty Five thousand dollars oh never anybody Can get a van and then do just what You're doing to me you don't have Something salable It just makes no sense to me you've got A viable business if I took something From zero to 125 000 I want to ride that Thing as long as I can you're in effect You're getting into a new business Correct that's unproven I know Normally what happens is somebody comes In with a successful model in this case In Las Vegas they then take the Franchisee potential bring them to Vegas Say look look at our business look how It's working with the money we're making Right around in the truck for a day get A sense of it by the way sign here for 25 000. that's how you do it you've done

Something very strange you sold your Model business so now you only have it Worked in Vegas look look there's the Truck we used to own before we sold it That doesn't make any sense at all I Think I've just woken into a nightmare Terrible pitch and I'm married to Barbara I'm out When I was standing up there marrying Kevin I thought this is I want my 99 back I thought that was the Greatest gimmick in the world whether it Be in Las Vegas New York City the idea You could call up or just go online book Your wedding marry some sucker is great But you gave away your show and tell it Really is such a great model it breaks My heart you sold it out and if you Still had your original one I would have Been in with both feet and both hands Clapping But I'm out sadly Thank you Barbara understood understood Thank you guys for the electricity here Now thank you for the fantasy you got it Thank you for the nightmare I think they got to create the Litigation wagon that's right you know What I like that better be coming to sue Somebody you just open the door I'm Suing you We had one thing to do over again based On Barbara's comment alone it would

Probably be to jump into a time machine Go back in time and not sell the Las Vegas [Music]

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