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Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Celebrating to the next level [Music] Hey sharks I'm station and I'm Brad And we're here seeking one hundred and Twenty thousand dollars in exchange for 20 of our company blaster Oh yeah all right sharks everybody loves To have a good time and the International symbol for celebration is Pretty champagne whoa whoa whoa hold up Big guy unless you just won an NBA Championship or World Series no one Wants to waste their bubbly all in one Go I have to clean up a huge mess after It's all over that's why we come up with The bubbly Blaster the only way to Celebrate with champagne it's more fun Less mess and guaranteed to keep the Party going longer all right sharks time For some fun fast forward two moments From now when we've made record-breaking Deals with all five of you jackpot time To celebrate Oh we designed a bubbly Blaster to Easily fit into any champagne bottle Turning it into a long lasting champers Cannon to keep the celebration going the Bubbly fresh and the Mist to a minimum There you go Yeah that would have been so useful our

Patented system snaps into place and is Ready for action immediately no need for Shaking oh my throttling trigger is Precise for up close action like that or For up to 30 feet away The party going even while social Distance that's right oh Mark man Wouldn't you love to have one of these Next time you win a world championship Right and Alex if you buy a team and win A World Series can't you see yourself in The locker room one of these bad boys Two of them yeah for sure all right Who's ready to be the life of the party And blast off with the bubbly Blaster All right start it's time to have some Fun I'm gonna walk you through attaching Your bubbly Blaster to the champagne Bottle in front of you step one rotate The handle to open like this yep there You go you got it now Slide the nozzle Into the open bottle like so Now you want to snap it down and there's Going to be some resistance because you Want to make a strong seal Or as you flip the whole thing upside Down and remember sharks please drink Responsibly Lose the handle yeah Oh there he goes [Music] [Laughter] Okay so go ahead guys we'll play for you Soon how did you guys come up with this

Idea I was at a celebration and we're Spraying some champagne and it was over Too fast friends of mine and I were like Something needs to be done here we need To have some more fun so I love building Things I got a mechanical engineering Background and as well as some other Things but I I took it upon myself I was Like I'm gonna go home and I weld it up This little item and I was like this This could be fun I just did it for fun At the time I never thought it would Turn into a business and one night I was Out with I got a bunch of buddies over At SpaceX and I showed them all this Like dude we need to have this at all of Our events we love this thing but we Want you to make like a more Professional version so I designed uh What you see in front of you and with The help of the SpaceX dudes we made Some 3D printed ones and at that stage I Was pretty much done with the project But everyone that I talked to they're Like we all want this thing how do we Buy one and then I met Brad who just got His MBA at the time we teamed up and uh They're being manufactured now just Outside Hong Kong so what does one cost And what does it cost you to make sale Price is 99.99 with a landed cost of 18.50 what it's 1850 land and you sell For 100 bucks yeah wow and how many of You sold since our lunch last year we

Sold 560 000 wow we're still breaking From our website Amazon all right guys Guys look all you're selling is fun you Just don't real utility oh you know what I was buying this 500 bottle of Champagne and I wanted to drink it out Of a gun though but Mark every Championship has to have that oh yeah Hell yeah I wish we had that in 09 when We won the championship yeah so I love It how much first of all how much do you Own of the business how much money have You raised we're 50 50 Partners we're Both we're total total contributions 120 000. we've been bootstrapping since day One so no debt no debt so tell me what Would you use the money for you want to Put that money to elevating enhancing Our ad spin you know kind of let it you Know put the fuel in the fire and Additional inventory because we rented That situation our launch here where it Sold out way too quickly So what's your vision for this there's a Whole channel of the business to Business so we had a lot of interest From you know bars hotels restaurants The pool parties things like that but Why would you just stay direct to Consumers covet kind of heard because People couldn't go out and party as much Right yeah so even like event companies And hotels right cater to just buy from You because it's 99 bucks right I have a

Little bit yeah you don't need to have a Wholesaler you don't need to go to a Retailer the bigger question is can you Get your price down even lower than 18.50 we could it's higher volume for Sure what do your volumes need to be I Mean we do we usually do a 5 000 unit Increments now but It goes down if you go to 25 000. I mean 25 000 probably closer to ten I gotta tell you guys something you came In here with 120 000 for 20 and puts a 600 000 valuation that's not crazy you Might get a deal you might get a deal We'll get a deal I'll offer you the 120 For 25 percent Just got to tell me and if not I'll go Out that's a no-brainer Done yeah I'd love to get you guys together yes You guys did that with ice sugar I think It is then you got to give us 30 percent Oh Could you do uh 180 for 30 percent [Music] Yeah we can do that yeah let's do that Done yeah Congratulations guys Next into the tank is a way to get fit And have fun Foreign [Music] Lotz Mr get right is what they call me And I am the owner and founder of jig

Aerobics where we get lit while we get Fit now look today I'm seeking fifty Thousand dollars for a 12 equity in my Company now you're sitting there looking What is Chic aerobics let me tell you Chicken robot started off as a on campus Initiative to get students more involved Into health and wellness being on the College campus I noticed that we do not Like to work out we don't like the walk We don't like the move unless we're Dancing in a party right I made Robots fun I make Fitness fun we're Working out we're getting lit do you see This did you see this Jiggy Jiggy was a Dance star that started off in Baton Rouge Louisiana all right you're moving Your legs at a very fast pace you're Moving your arms you see the shoulders See the shoulders you moving it's a Whole body movement and we're having fun You're not thinking about the workout But after you'll be dripping this with Before we get down to business before we Get down to it I want you to come get Jiggy with me okay do you want to Continue with me yeah Oh yeah let me help you down thank you Yes ma'am how's it going Mr wonderful Thank you so true Mr get right is here To get you right okay okay now we're Gonna start with the left foot all right Left leg we're gonna go one two three Four what number do I clap on four four

Once you clap you're gonna freestyle Okay No I want to see your money baby money Baby yeah yeah I want to see you Freestyle all right so let's start with The left leg here we go let's get the Music you ready yeah ready sir yeah Ready come on we got we got this all Right here we go hey we got it let's go Freestyle yeah you better freestyle Riley right leg you got it right come on Miss bar again [Applause] [Music] Let's go look how fun there you go there You go Good job good job good job it wasn't That good so Dante how do I make an Imani with this what's the plan we're Utilizing the Louisiana dance style and Mixing it with aerobic so it's different Fitness it's lit it's fun so I pay you For a class yes sir a class an hour Class so our um prices are 15 per person Ten dollars per person after 50 people Where are you doing it right now right Now I'm just traveling to different States different regions to expand the Brand I do a pop-up class I talk to CrossFit Gyms and we just launched our Online um subscription site this is the Stretch and warm-up once you sign up you Get the stretching and one more for free So that way you could get accommodated

With the style so you know you get the Experience not only you know face to Face but you get it at home as well okay You're on the trademark trademark yes Sir tell us about you all right growing Up I always dance and I was trained for All stars but you know being in a single Parent home we weren't able to afford it So I will go to YouTube I will go to Watch Michael Jackson old videos so that Way I can make sure I'm always polished On my dance moves you know so once I Went to college to Southern University In Baton Rouge Louisiana I don't know if You know about Louisiana but their Culture is very very strong and once Once I got involved with the marching Band They appointed me as the Choreographer for the field shows and I Had to learn the style of dance I didn't Know anything about Louisiana style of Dance and when I seen the jigging dance They were moving so fast and they when I Was finished they was drinking and sweat I said that's not a dance that's a Workout a little done to you so you put On one class you teach the other Trainers how to do it and then you leave To another city no see right now I'm Getting ready to start certifying Trainers that's that's what the fifty Thousand dollars is for is to certify Trainers and they pay you a fee to be Trained they pay a one-time fee for the

Certification and then you'll pay a Monthly subscription base okay so what Are the revenues right now we had a Total of sixty two thousand dollars for The year we only we only been operating That as a business for a year for the Year [Music] What year did you graduate from Southern I graduated this past fall are you so You just got out of the bridge yes sir You're fresh yes sir and now I'm Full-time jig aerobics that's great Ready to go worldwide right out of School yeah 62k that ain't bad thank you There's nothing wrong with the model You've got I mean other people have done It but how does an investor play into This well I'm looking for a strategic Partner more than the money I'm looking For a strategic partner to show me the Route how to be able to capitalize off Of this in the most powerful way I'm an Entertainer now not just a jig a robust Fitness instructor Diego Robles could be Used for performances we perform their Basketball games at concerts we do it All I mean it's it's a personal services Business nothing wrong with it I think It can grow we just need to leverage it Up and do four times more right and You'll be making 100 Grand a year yes Sir it's just look I wish you the best I Don't know how to put 50 000 in this or

What it's worth I'm sorry I'm out thank You no problem I kind of sitting here Thinking the same thing I feel like what You're really doing and selling is you You entertain people that's why they Want to go to your class you're right so You're trying to capitalize on who you Are and this style of dance and I'm not Really quite sure like how to do that It's kind of early I think you'll get There but as an investment for me I'm Just not sure how I would invest in this So I'm sorry I'm out thank you thank you So my train of thought is that uh you Know I've been in the down this road Several times one with a Billy Blanks Jr And then another one with my buddy uh Partner Cowboy Ryan Rodeo ads Rodeo abs And well it took a while for them to Figure out the lane that works best for Them I just think they're a little too Early so I'm out You know I think you're thinking you Could get an investor in here and your Business would speed forward the truth Of the matter is it would slow you down Because the only person that could hit The bumps in the road and figure out Let's try this oh that doesn't work Let's try this is the guy who's heading The business you have so much more Runway before you would ever need the Help of anyone I'm looking for a Strategic partner someone that's a

Strategic partner would do what put you In the right place at the right time There's only one way to get to the right Place at the right time is to Bumble Along until you discover every little Piece of it on your own as an Entrepreneur that's how everybody grows Their business so have a little more Faith in yourself I'd love to invest in You I'm sure you're going to be a winner You know you just have that about you But there's no room in this deal for me So unfortunately I'm out thank you Le Dante your product isn't Robots your product's you right you're An Entertainer anybody could do a Routine put something to music but you Go there and entertain right and and I See that it's not that you need advice Right you just need to do things like This and keep on building your brand Because the bigger your brand the bigger Your personality the more events you're Going to do the more events you do the More you can charge the more money you Make but just keep on doing what you're Doing online and just keep on getting Bigger and just have fun like you're Doing man and then it'll take off you're Just you know you're out of school man You're doing it exactly right I'm ready To take over the world I feel like this Product is is phenomenal we believe it But we believe you give it another two

Or three years you'll be there we'll say Yeah we saw them on Shark Tank so I Can't I can't invest man but I'm excited For you I'll be watching I'll be Watching your videos maybe I'll even be A subscriber but I'm up Thank you Mr Q good luck ladonte thank You man I'm feeling great the feedback that I Received from the sharks made me feel Wonderful and they told me to go for it I don't need any help it boosts my Companies and I'm so ready to go and Take On The World [Music] Next into the tank is a better version Of a ubiquitous workout necessity [Music] What's up sharks my name is Chris I'm From Dallas Texas yeah and my company is Ice Shaker I'm here seeking a hundred Thousand dollars for 10 ownership in my Company Sharks as you can tell I work out Growing up in a family of five boys Being the shortest meant I had to be the Strongest anyone that hits the gym knows What a shaker bottle is all about and I Was no exception I had cabinets full of Them they were all exactly the same a Cheap plastic uninsulated bottle that Would either leak break or smell awful After a couple months so I fixed all These problems introducing the ice

Shaker the ice Shaker is a double wall Vacuum insulated shaker bottle that will Hold ice for over 30 hours in a 75 Degree room an insulated bottle does not Sweat and here's my favorite part the Ice Shaker is a kitchen grade stainless Steel so it doesn't a door odor so here Today with me to help demonstrate the Product are some people you might Recognize There [Applause] Sharks wow wow meet my brothers Gordy Dan Rob and Glenn Gronkowski wow Together The Sharks after good hard pump session We like to get hydrated and we'd like to Drink protein shakes and the Gronk way Of getting this done is with the game of Flip cup Today we're playing for the Shark Tank Ice Shaker Championship cup now the Rules are easy the first team to drink The water in the cup and flip the cup Over wind and the losers well they gotta Drink a warm shake out of one of the Cheap plastic sweaty bottles Today we're playing five on five Guys This is scary what a big Doctor Mark What's up buddy Congrats Champs After you drink the water you flip the Cup over once it lands upside down like

That then the next person could drink it And start and then it's a relay from This point on okay we ready okay one Here we go go chug it out [Music] Foreign [Applause] Can we pass these out we had a good idea That we were going to win so we got you Guys a prize anyways can I keep this one Actually I appreciate the classic Stainless steel Tell us about your million dollar Thermos bottle here all right boy before We get too far ahead guys for all those People watching who don't know the Gronkowski family Super Bowl champs Right how many rings you guys have Well I got two Super Bowl championships Uh with the New England Patriots uh my Brother Glenn was with us this year too And uh Gord has a couple rings playing Playing baseball unbelievable your Parents must be bursting and crying yeah That's really amazing they're worth Beating all those years Okay Chris there's dozens of these on The market so there is nothing on the Market with the classic pop top that is Insulated in stainless steel there was Other bottles out there that were Stainless steel but didn't have a vacuum Seal and they weren't double walled so When you touch them or you put cold in

It you freeze your hand so when did you Start the business side of it have you Started to sell them yes in the first Six months we sold about eighty thousand Dollars worth that's not bad and out of The 80 000 35 000 has been so far this Month and last month and what are you Selling the man so right now we're Selling them on our website we're Selling them on Amazon we're in a few Retail stores and we sell them at Fitness Expos what's the retail price of The bottle so the bottle is 25 what was That and your cost of making it our cost To make them are right around five Dollars landed our margins are huge they Have retail they're 80 saying what Competitive Advantage do you feel like You have over others I'm First Market With it we already have great reviews Online the product selling itself we put Very little marketing money into it at All why is your name not on it I wanted To build a product that people wanted I Didn't want it to be though every time Rob posted it sold and that was it I Wanted to make sure it was something Could you call it like the Grump shaker [Laughter] Right right I mean everybody'd be like Yeah I mean that's to Laurie's point Right whatever Edge you can get you got To take it already sounds right doesn't It the black shaker

Chris what do you need the hundred Thousand for so I don't exactly need the Money if I needed just a hundred Thousand dollars I could probably call Someone I know and he probably gave it To me but uh I need the expertise I like It because I'm a huge Gronk fan I love Your family I love the team I'm from Boston it's cool but I want to make Money I'm a shark I'll say all right look if you can bring The Gronk into it I'll do the deal for 20 I'll give you 100K for twenty percent Chris I love the back story you know I Own part of a thousand gems in 20 Countries I understand athletes so when We see entrepreneurs sit in that rug and You're an athlete I feel like you're a Guy coming into the Yankee Clubhouse and You're a guy that I wanted the Foxhole With me because I think you're a Championship player I'm interested Mark If you're interested I think we can Bring a lot to this business no question The question is not enough right that's The challenge right Chris you've got to Start thinking how much value we can add [Music] Well I think what makes sense Alex make It 150k for 20 raising the dollars the Amount gives us both a reason to to get Excited and help you can go to the Yankees you can go to your fitness clubs We can put it in the Mavs locker room so

100K 150k for 20 but we don't like to Wait around Give me an answer right now Chris we don't like to wait around Afraid of the lady frankly guys I would Give you a million dollars for 10 Percent Okay on a more serious note definitely Take Lori's great idea and change your Name immediately I think it should be in Big Capital Bowl raise letter that just Says Gronk Here's my offer a hundred thousand Dollars for ten percent of the business Nobody's smarter than me at marketing And I've done it with already seven of My top brands that wouldn't be where They are from Shark Tank if not for my Marketing ability they're all big brands In this listen I haven't even gotten to Get out my offer yet I'm going to show you my references Scroll from the 1600s Scrub Daddy 120 Million simply fit 150 million sleep Styler 75 million in four months I've Taken multiple companies to Multi-billion Dollar valuations I my Offer is how many have you done Lori I have taken people to many many Millions instantly simply Fit board is a Household name Lori what's your offer I'm gonna go a hundred thousand for 15 Years Okay now we have four offers an

Extraordinary upcoming Shark Tank very Rare What are you going to do [Music] I appreciate all the offers I want to ask if Lori would join in with Mark and Alex Foreign I wouldn't do that Oh Wow well the answer is no Mark answered That but I didn't hear what Alex had to Say Would you take me in and maybe lose mark The thing I gave Mark my words I got to Stand by that so I'm gonna bag my Partner on this one So Lori just got thrown under the bus What are you going to do I'm pretty firm With evaluation what do you guys do it's 150 for 15 percent Foreign [Applause] [Music] There this is just an industry we're Very close to and Alex I didn't even Know he has gyms I mean this would do Great in my gym he was very fair and I'll tell you what we are going to blow It up we just locked up the trifecta the NFL NBA and baseball that's absolutely Huge I'm so pumped right now

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