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I feel a little bit like I've just Somebody's trying to sell me snake oil First to face the dragons a beauty salon Owner who says she has what could be Called the Holy Grail of hair care A product which can prevent gray hair Hello dragons my name is sajda and I am Owner and founder of x-ray I am looking for a 50 000 pound Investment in return for 10 of my Company X gray is innovation at its best Consisting of two unique formulated Products currently not available on the Market today I call my products x-grade prevention And x-ray chroma Market research has shown that the Number one concern for men over the age Of 40 is going gray What sets me apart from my competitors Is firstly there is no topical product On the market for the prevention of gray Hair And secondly my unique selling points For x-ray chroma are it only needs to be Applied for five minutes maximum for 100 Gray hair coverage Does not cause any temporary staining to The skin has multiple applications and Does not require any prepping or mixing Prior to use I've spent the last 18 months and 40 000 Pounds of my own money to help develop These products

Dragons When you look in the mirror and you can See your gray hairs think x-ray what Have you got that can prove that you Have a product that prevents gray hair It's excrete prevention it has a Combination of three active ingredients And what it does is it mimics the alpha Melanocyte stimulating hormone which we Already have in our body which is Responsible for rebuilding the melanin And pigment that we have in our skin in Here When's the best time for me to take it Um my age range that I'd be looking at For prevention would be from 25 upwards Depending on when you know if they see The first grade here coming through that Would be when you would start using it If sagittar has genuinely discovered a Way of preventing gray hairs then her Fortune could be made But Deborah meaden will clearly take Some convincing I can't get beyond the fact that I feel A little bit like I've just somebody's Trying to sell me snake oil I just want to understand how you can Back up a claim that says this prevents People going gray Because it mimics the alpha melanocyte Stimulating hormones don't just keep Repeating long words to me because you Said that in the first place

In terms of the actual testing of the Product that allows you to make claims To say this prevents and this isn't Covering up this is actually saying that Our hair color our own hair color we Prevent losing it doesn't go gray what's The testing that's been done on that so I've done an efficacy study which has Been done um by a Chinese company and I Also have the cosmetic companies Excavivo trials as well have you got Those here yes Would you like to see them [Music] So this is The Epic associate that we've done And inside here which is a lot of Reading is the one from the main Cosmetic Company What is an efficacy study from a Chinese Company what does that actually mean so The efficacy study is to see if the Product actually works the age range of The volunteers how many gray hairs they Had when they started using it day 14 Day 28. so how many people did you test It on 50 and over what period of time 28 Days and what happened during those 28 Days there was an increase for the People who were younger so the early Stages of growing hair so if they had Let's say Four gray hairs out of 96 by day 28 some Of them had 100 percent back to their

Natural hair color this has been about Since 2012 isn't it yes yeah yeah so in Three years nobody's bothered to mention The fact that there is actually a Product out there that actually stops Graying of hair Do you not find that slightly odd No not at all Why is that Because Um Hair loss to give you an example People don't jump on the bandwagon Straight away You have got to be kidding The person who actually genuinely comes Up with something that can prevent gray Hairs is going to be unbelievably well They're going to be sitting in this Chair not in here pitching What makes me really really cross about This is I absolutely cannot believe it Works the list the safety hazard data Sheet is is disgraceful It reads like a Horror Story And then I get to how it's tested And it's tested on rabbit eyes That's the Glycerine the one inhalation Of oral for the mouse And rabbit skin It's not tested on animals there is one Ingredient that's tested Which has been tested in 2012 yeah Absolutely so you can stand here and say

It's not tested on animals this says It's tested on animals yeah [Music] This type of thing makes me really cross You're doing it unethically you're Making claims that you can't possibly Make and you're trying to pull people in To buy product that does cannot do its Job And if I'm wrong I will stand up Publicly and I will say it but I am not I'm out It's a nice simple question yeah You developed this In some lab or somewhere no I didn't Develop it sorry I had a formulations Team and a manufacturer developer do you Honestly believe That If they knew what they had here that They wouldn't be shouting about us in The whole of America Absolutely but I work with a Manufacturer who doesn't do any Marketing He only manufactures he doesn't have the Time for marketing it's like if you see If you said to anybody in the world I Can stop you going bored and we've had All that yeah All of a sudden the business should be Worth billions before you even start Um aren't you ripping off somebody Else's product not at all this is what

They do this is what they do they're the Manufacturer and they've spent all of This money researching this and little Odd you come along And say you know what I'll take that Product And I'm going to go and develop my own Brand What they do is they make the Innovative Product Then the big boys let's see if it's L'Oreal or Johnson and Johnson or a Little old me will go and we'll purchase The formulation that they have and That's how they make their business I then have increased the formulation by Six times to a three percent which costs A lot more So I own the formulations So you've increased the formula and now You've come up with this Eureka piece I'm going to tell you where I am very Quickly because this is a sort of a bold Statement yeah The miracle cure I just don't buy into it So I'm going to say that I'm out Further disappointment for sagittar as Peter Jones dismisses her claims Will Sarah Willingham or Nick Jenkins Show any more faith in her anti-graying Miracle This is globally an absolutely massive Market

These companies through hundreds of Millions are formulating the right the Right product to solve that particular Problem It just seems too extraordinary to be True I just can't get past it I'm out I think you've come in here and I think You're a chancellor I do not believe that this works and Exactly like Deborah I will also stand Up publicly and apologize if I'm wrong But I don't believe for a second that I Am Out Thank you [Music] Four dragons have rejected sagittar's Business all unconvinced of her Product's ability to deliver on its Promises With only retail giant Tuka Suleiman Remaining she's a hare's breath from Failure I think you believe What you're told But in reality you're making all these Presumptions Wake up dream's over I'm out Thank you very much dragons Must leave The Den with nothing But despite the morning she's just Received her belief in her product

Remains Unbroken They're so gonna regret that I do hope we're not wrong Because we are we've just turned down Billions if we are Foreign You know I have a really good name in my Industry I'm waiting for the day when Sarah and Deborah stand up publicly and apologize To me because I have got a phenomenal product S Next into the den a gem is in Yama and Shiraz Ahmed whose new business is Injecting a fresh idea into an Established industry I think the dragons Will hopefully appreciate kind of where We're coming from with the product To receive an investment from the Dragons it would be life-changing for Our business Quite good to invest in something that Competes with vital biotics Pitching to the dragon who's already Made millions in their industry is a Dream come true for Gemma Ted Has a special place in my heart he's the Vitamin King and I'm his Vitamin Queen [Music] [Music] But will any of the Dragons be willing To boost the business with some cash

Foreign [Music] ER of drip boost Hi my name is Shiraz and I'm the medical And finance officer we are here to ask The dragons for a 25 000 pounds Investment in return for 15 equity Drip boost is a mobile Ivy vitamin Therapy and vitamins Injection Service We deliver IV drips in the comfort of Your own home And here one of our fully trained and Registered nurses has just inserted an Intravenous cannula and she will now be Able to connect one of our IV drips that Contains a mixture of nutrients Different amino acids vitamins minerals And electrolytes our clients include Busy Executives Fitness folk vegans and Vegetarians who lack in B12 as well as The wellness crowd basically the cash Rate Time Pool we're helping them Navigate the stresses of the modern day World with the modern day nutrition Since July of last year we have turned Over 10 774 pounds to date we have sold over 100 IV drips the intravenous nutrient Therapy Market is still relatively Untouched here in the UK and we feel This is a great opportunity for the Dragons to come on board A drip takes just 30 minutes this is Just a demo thank you Annabelle and

Carly Gemma zinyama and Shiraz Ahmed are Looking for 25 000 pounds for 15 of Their company thank you the supplies and Administers vitamins via intravenous Drips and injections The first dragon to have a shot at Questioning the entrepreneurs is Tuka Suleiman I have seen this sort of thing on Instagram people are go partying all Night until five in the morning and the Next morning that they've got the drip We don't promote people to go out Partying and have a trip with us after But if they are feeling dehydrated and They want to pick me up we'll certainly Give it Can I ask Going through there what stands out for Me Essex cocktail What's that is that alcohol it certainly Isn't Pizza it was a name I gave for Brandian and I can assure you I've given The Essex cocktail to people living in Hertfordshire okay so it's not just for People in essence it certainly isn't We'd be more than happy to give you one Yeah okay [Music] Um I'm not a big fan of needles in the best Of times but it feels an extreme process I would probably prefer to take a tablet

Rather than Get a nurse around to put a needle in my Arm and drip feed me we have people that Like to gather their friends and have a Drip party Are you being serious I am not joking People have a drip party a lady had her 40th birthday party this Saturday our Nurse Annabelle went to the house she Did six strips she did four b12s and two Glutathione treatments we made just shy Of 950 pounds in under three hours But it doesn't feel celebratory to me That feels like I don't that's like a Hannibal Lecter scene Billy do look forward to these Treatments and we go far and wide to Provide them The novel vitamin drip concept has Certainly got the dragon's attention Suleiman is curious about the content of The bags on offer Gemma and Shiraz is the actual raw Material and where do you source that From and we take it from a company in Essex Right so the company in Essex they Specialize in this yes exactly and you Get test results We don't you don't because you know Anything you put inside your body Needs some form of tests The mhras the medicines and Healthcare Product regulatory agency and they've

Um deemed that intravenous nutrients Don't fall under medicines or drugs so As long as no medical benefits Advertised they don't regulate to the Point where you need testing we also do Have a medical questionnaire that is Given to clients before they have the Treatments right the incidence of Allergic reaction is incredibly low but You are not medically or are you Qualified I agree are you medically Qualified so I'm a registered medical Practitioner there are certain nutrients Which are Recommended to completely avoid in Clients have certain medical problems so So it is a medical risk to some patients God forbid That I invest in this and something Happens I never forgive myself The news that the business needs no Medical regulation appears to have given Two casulliman cause for alarm S seems more interested in needling his Neighboring dragon and supplement Royalty tej lauvani Is this something that you think has an Opportunity of redefining the sale and Purchase of vitamins If you say yes Peter will invest Um we think it does this delivers a Hundred percent the tablets that you Take

Um will go through your liver gets Broken down so you don't actually know How much you're actually being absorbed Is being used so it's all a wellness Play I mean even in vitamin tablets There isn't any scientific evidence Behind it oh I don't know about that That's a very broad statement to make That there's no clinical evidence in in Vitamin supplements it's not recommended As um by medical governing bodies for Example the the the Nationals I mean the The UK government recommends vitamin D Supplementation from birth yeah yeah Right no I accept that yeah let's get Back to to what you were talking about With the with the drips I personally prefer using your digestive System to digest something and also I Believe taking a small amount every day Is better than just doing one hit or Something That aside I just think it's a messy way Of doing things when you say it saves Time actually up half an hour I've got To be stuck there you know with a needle In there I would say it's also more for People that when they want to have it in The convenience of their own home we Have a lot of people that don't come to Our pop-up I could take a bit of my House so I just don't see how the Convenience factor is is a benefit [Music]

You know the other thing is what's the Price of of a drip Uh in a home visit they can go up to 220 Pounds how much um wow per trip and plus A call out fee Um what could that be 300 pounds five Pounds you could get a vitamin b Supplement you know for a month's Supply I haven't seen how you could scale this 220 pounds for one home visit you know We were approached by a wellness company Who were looking to offer our treatments To their client base I can see the market with Wellness Clinics but again that market is small For you guys how many Wellness clinics Are there in the UK that you know this Could work in We've popped up at a number of Wellness Clinics and we give them a commission For also having access to their Clientele we've just found that we have Had repeat customers especially those Vegans and vegetarians that lack in B12 But you'll really be surprised at the Number of people that are really happy To come time and time again to have These procedures and paid the high price As well but we we are selling them Gemma gracefully takes on the vitamin King by letting her repeat orders do the Talking Will an investment in this health drip Company be Deborah meaden's bag

This to me is everything wrong with the World The thing we've got in humans we've just Got to look for new and for different You've made it incredibly expensive it Moves it into a really exclusive area For people who are silly enough to think I've got more money than sense Honestly if you made millions and Millions out of this business I wouldn't Have one ounce of regret about not Investing I just don't like it And I don't like its ethos So um you won't be surprised to hear I'm out Deborah Mead and damning verdict on the Vitamin concept takes her most Definitely out of the investment Equation Will Sarah Davies see this as a healthy Business proposition I'm someone who takes supplements you Know I take vitamins regularly But it's just not sitting comfortably With me as a business That looks like a hospital set up to me And that that's what's just making me New and I just can't quite get past that Big cloudy fuzz in my brain that's just Saying I don't like this at all Thank you but I'm out [Music] It's so unusual that I can imagine some

People Using it and going for it But it's a bit weird it's not a business That I can possibly even contemplate Investing in so for that reason I'm out [Music] Look guys Um I was really shocked when you said that You know there's no clinical evidence in Vitamins and yet here you're trying to Sell a vitamin product Just doesn't make sense and I think your Lack of knowledge in the space does Worry me And I'm definitely Not going to invest in this so I'm going To say I'm up With tej lauvani making it four dragons Out in quick succession only Tuka Suleiman can give the entrepreneurs the Cash boost they came for How we doing Do you need a bit of trip Okay so I think in the short term you'll Probably make some money cover your Salaries But I don't believe that you know it's a Business that I want to get involved in With a big time bomb underneath it was Something wrong happens in the industry And then hoping will change So for that reason I'm out

Thank you thank you so much It seems that Gemma and shiraz's trip to The den has been in vain as they leave Empty-handed Wow that was difficult it didn't go as Well as expected when they were talking I was just a bit hazy I'm thinking who Chooses to do that no Huge in the Middle East and in America The UK usually is about five years Behind give it some time and IV vitamins Is coming onto your doorstep in the UK Foreign S my name is Paul Wald management Director of paragon P Limited We're a company that manufacture Antimicrobial cleaning products we're Here today to ask for a hundred thousand Pound investment But a five percent equity state in the Business to enable us to Market our Latest products in the range hello Is the world's first Non-bio liquid laundry detergent proven To kill Hospital superbooks such as MRSA And seediff spot at 30 degrees Currently there's no profit like it on The market We Believe by adding Halo to the product Range On the first year of trade in on the Laundry detergent side we'll do about One million pounds worth of business This will give the business a turnover

Of 1.5 million pounds in the first year And a net profit of 250 000 pounds we Believe in year two we'll do 2.5 million With a net profit of 500 000 pounds and In year three four million with a net Profit of 750 000 pounds any questions Paul Ward from Lancashire is already Running a germ-killing cleaning products Business supplying to the Health Care Sector now he plans to launch his new Antivirus laundry detergent into shops He's asking for a hundred thousand Pounds in return for just five percent Of his company But Peter Jones has struggled to follow The pitch Paul what what are the pictures you've Brought there I've been staring at them And haven't got a clue what they are Okay This is a petri dish with MRSA bacteria In the And this is clothing washed in lower Halo products and it's showing that After the period of 72 hours the MRSA Bacteria still hasn't attacked the Clothing okay so it acts like almost a Repellent yeah yeah that Cali's not Working our products is antimicrobial Which means it kills bacteria it kills Funguses and it can kill viruses as well And Paul the obvious question Why do you value this business at two Million pounds

Well First you had a three I mean we that's The company's actually being threading For sort of like three years the first Year it made a 50 000 pound loss this Year as I'm standing there now we've Generated we've done four uh 490 000 Pounds with 190 000 pound profit at this Moment in time profit profit 190 190. Yeah net profit net profit yeah The dragon seemed taken aback by the Sudden profits birth in Paul's business Deborah meaden wants to know its origin Hi I'm Deborah Um how have you increased your net Profits so vastly on your previous Trading we developed this whole German Warfare product range we also a Manufacture sort of like alcohol gels For for hospitals you're going to Hospital and you get the alcohol gel Though and this wine fluid that we've Got at the moment has been fantastic for Our business because people are buying Alcohol gels hard surface sanitizers Because it's it's okay Paul sorry I'm I'm an age I am actually trying to help Because you need to be more specific the Type of thing I need to hear from you is That we have quadrupled the amount of Sales on that and I'm getting 150 margin On that as opposed to that so really Specifically we met big margins on the Alcohol gel what kind of margins we're

Looking at round round about uh 80 Margin on the alcohol and that's being Driven because of the influencer yeah Current flu pandemic has boosted Paul's Business James Khan wants to know more about his Existing customers Hi Paul I'm James hi James so you're Already in the market and you're already Selling movie sold too we sell it into The private care sector in Secure homes Uh doctor surgeries and office supply Companies who Supply do office cleaning Is the hospital Market also a potential Market for you sure yeah I mean this Particular product the hard surface Cleaner that has been trialed by the NHS Innovation Center and we scored 97 Infection reduction And it's non-hazardous and are they Buying that yet we Supply them into Fruit Distributors who go into hospitals So only a small scale at the moment but It is growing quite rapidly for us and The company during 100 of the company 50 Of the company and who owns the other 50 Calf Brown Excuse me business partner so You've got 50 50. and does the business Have what's the balance sheet look like Any debts we have no debts we fund it Through cash flow thank you thanks The dragons are impressed by how well Paul and his partner have done but the Success story has left Theo per fetus

Puzzled [Music] Pull On Theo I feel Wow so this year so far you made 200 000 Profit there thereabouts You're having a great time So why are you here On our product the way it develops we've Had a bit of luck this year and Sometimes you need a better looking Business yeah I agree with that um and What we're trying to do is basically Capitalize on that little bit of look That we've got and get the products into Retail now we're here for your expertise Your contacts in retail If I'm completely 100 honest how much Equity you prepare to give away that for A hundred thousand well I you know um What about your other partner are you Able to make a decision yeah yeah What level they've told me it's in the Course to try and negotiate five percent Five percent or nothing five percent Um see whether you get would you get any Interest on five percent would you get Any interest on five percent this is not An auction I know that yeah it's solid It's a flippant where to say it I think I don't know so did they say wherever You do Paul don't give away more than Five percent if they offer you ask for Anything else walk

Yeah basically When I kissed Paul I've got to see I'm Not going to make an offer so I'm out Paul's refusal to negotiate has appalled The dragons Theopher fetus is next to have his say I'd love to got involved with you But if you wanted me to get involved With you you wouldn't be asking me for a Hundred thousand pounds for five percent If you really want in my contacts okay So I'm out yeah Paul let me tell you where I am Unfortunately your valuation is so Blinking racy you know I'm afraid it Leaves me nowhere to go okay for that Reason I'm out thanks Two more dragons have walked away from The deal Peter Jones decides to try again Paul I think the main point is that We're hanking over this five percent It you know what sort of levels that You're willing to discuss because if You're not in the sort of 20 to 40 range I can't see why you're here well I I you Know I'm looking somewhere in the region Of between five and ten percent Between five and ten that's your range I'm going to tell you where I am because It's I'm actually annoyed you've not Come in here to try and get investment And I'm I'm frustrated by it because I Actually would like to have invested in

This type of product I could really help You into retail but everything that You've said doesn't match your intention And to come back and say your go for a Range between five and ten value your Company anywhere between one and two Million is a bit of a joke actually and I don't think you deserve any more time From me so on that basis I'm out Paul's inflexibility has infuriated Peter Jones Now James Khan is the only dragon left Paul can I just quickly go back to the Three-year forecast so this year the Profit targets 250 000. next year you're Going to make 500. And the following year you're going to Make 750 profit I really like it Paul I like the product I like what you've Done My only problem is I'm trying to get my Head around the business because the Business clearly is not worth the Valuation that you've come in here today Because you've to your own admission has Said it's worth that if you guys come in And You know help and achieve the growth so I tell you what I'd like to do Paul I'll Offer you the full hundred thousand Pounds I'd like 30 of the business but I would Like to give you back 10 for each year

That you deliver which you said to me You can deliver So you go back to ten percent right so I Start at 30 I come back to 10. providing That you do your bit Okay Okay Can I just have a yeah of course you can Do you want to go yeah thanks a lot yeah [Music] Okay Gems um It is a good offer Um But I just think at this stage in the Business I just can't take that offer Um but I'd like to say thanks for making The offer to me I'm the driving fast With this I've developed this you know This is in my life for the last couple Of years and for me to give 30 of my It's just not doable so I would like Even though you get it back even though I get it back then I'll declare myself Out thanks a lot It's been a frustrating encounter for Both sides Paul leaves the den with Nothing Foreign

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