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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hello my name's Wendy Thompson I'd like To offer you 40 of my business in return For fifty thousand pounds Um Many years ago when I was in my early Twenties I specialized in the treatment of Children and I couldn't get the Equipment I needed to augment my Treatment so I invented some but there Was one piece of equipment that I never Designed and never developed the house Swing the ancient Greeks got there first Because they used to use swinging as a Magical Transformational activity so with the Housewing you've got the ancient but With a modern twist Coming fast forward to about 15 months Ago my husband had a stroke And We both had to adjust And I thought right I better sell my cattle Because I had two lovely herds of cattle And then I thought well I want to use The money in designing the house swing It's a progressive whole body exerciser It strengthens and it mobilizes Now I'd just like to demonstrate the the Swing now

It is only a prototype Um Elizabeth is going to demonstrate it Without any resistance at all Right now I'm going to I'm going to put up the resistance Um Right off you go I've really put the resistance up quite A lot so she's really having to work at It And because she's burning up more Calories she's using her cardiovascular System her respiratory system as well Thank you Thank you very much After nearly 50 years with it on the Drawing board physiotherapist and Lecturer Wendy Thompson from the Isle of Wight believe the time is right to Launch a new therapeutic Rehabilitation Swing she needs 50 000 pounds it seems To have brought back memories for one Dragon Hello I'm Theo hello Theo all right Swinging I I was a kid I used to always Like to be on swing yeah okay and it Really is therapeutic But the minute you put the resistance up It became a workout and you know what It didn't look very nice Well I'm sorry you didn't like it but Um you don't have to have it as an Exercise machine you can just get on it And go I've been to gyms but you see in

Our world not everybody can go to the Gym they had this in their home they can Watch television bite they can actually Increase their blood supply I know Yourself but we're gonna get it down This was just made to prove the concept Could could it be adjusted to hang from A joist or a ceiling or a little frame This was just made for the Prototype Okay Authoritative responses from the likable Entrepreneur So what of her background Peter Jones Wants to know Wendy you mentioned caring you've done Some amazing things but have you ever Set a business up I was born on a farm And you know farming is business I Worked before I went to school me up to Cow and all that sort of thing so um That really I suppose was where I became A bit resilient and I'd sort of solve Things Then then I had a career in um chartered Physiotherapist Then I took a degree in Rehabilitation At Southampton which was research but It's not until now that I've been able To say right this is what I'd like to Sort of do more of Wendy yeah How much is it what I thought was There's virtually three markets there's A Home Market the gym market and the

Rehabilitation The Home Market is perhaps the most Valuable market so I'd have a small Version made for the home how much would It cost that would be retailing at 500 Pounds okay yeah tell me about the People mentioned who can't get to the Gym who are there Um well just take my bank manager he Comes back home and why can't he drive To the gym Walk in the front door Actually there's not too many gyms on The Isle of Wight which is where I come From oh you live in Isle of ways I live On the Isle of Wight have you not got a Gym there no I haven't no Okay let's see if we can put the Isle of Weight To one side one day because you said That you'd been to gyms Which Jim have you been to with this That said they would buy one Fresh water Jim never heard of it where Is that on the Isle of Wight okay [Laughter] Sorry can I get back to why you came in Here yes okay Wendy um Do you know my auntie Joyce on the Isle Of Wight The dragons are clearly beguiled by Wendy and the atmosphere is far from Den Like

But Hilary devay wants to bring it back To business One day hi I'm Hillary Um Have you spoke to neurologists and Neurophysios about this product no why Well because to be honest Hillary I Don't really need to because I'm the one That knows you do because right A few years ago I had a stroke that's Seriously right yes I mean I couldn't Even spell the word the no and I went From running 100 million turnover Business one day to not even being able To put pajamas on the net no that's Terrible and at the time they didn't Have the right equipment in the hospital To give me the right physio for the type Of stroke that I had and I ended up with A paralyzed and the paralyzed arm and a Paralyzed leg yeah um and and to this Day I'm still experiencing that right Because there is definitely a shortage Of this equipment yes both in the Private sector and the NHS sector so if It works and you've got neurologists on Side to say it would work for Post-stroke victims yeah then I Definitely think you have a market in The health sector Hillary I know I've Got a market A candid exchange and one that ends with A passionate defense of her product Now will Deborah meeden be tempted to

Invest in Wendy [Music] In terms of the market I have you talked to anybody at all About supplying these to them no I Haven't I need some money to put it to Production design I guess what I'm Looking for here is some indication of Anybody that you would Supply it to Being interested in buying it yes I Actually went on a cruise Um and I've so I have spoken to other Therapists and and sort of said what Would your reaction be to this sort of Equipment okay I'm actually gonna I'm Gonna be very short on my questioning Before you go to all of that expense Finalizing it and then going out to a Market in the market saying oh no thanks Not at all interested Um find somebody who thinks it's such a Good solution to the problem that they Will either invest in you or at very Least say when it is produced I'll buy One preferably some I won't be investing I'm out thank you Heartfelt advice but no cash Theoper fetus looks to have made up his Mind too When they you're fabulous I don't actually think this is a money Making Venture and that's what I'm here To do so I'm going to say to you thank

You very much for giving us the Opportunity but it's not for me so I'm Out Um It's not something that any gym owner is Going to buy and put his health clubs at Gyms because It doesn't add anything So for that reason I'm going to tell you What I am I'm out thank you thank you Wendy I don't see this Product getting into the domestic home In terms of the swing I think it's Fantastic but the swing has been around For a long time so I don't see that as a Real scalable business opportunity Because I'm not convinced that people Would want to buy one of these moving it Could be manufactured And I'm going to say I'm out Three Dragons out in quick succession Now only Hilary duvet can rescue Wendy's Investment dreams One day because you're so lovely I'm tempted to say there's 50 Grand But that had been the heart rule in my Head commercially that would be totally The wrong thing for me to do because you Know 50 Grand will go nowhere I can't invest any money but what I will Invest with you is time with the stroke Association and some top neurophysics That I know

To see whether or not they think there's An opening for this in the private Medical sector or in the NHS I'm more than happy to spend time with You So unfortunately from the business Perspective I've got to say I'm out but The offer is there please do contact me Thank you thank you all [Music] Charmed as they were none of the Dragons Could find enough of a reason to invest Wendy leaves with nothing Um [Music] Entrepreneur Charlie Anderson is first To face the dragons Is hoping to secure investment for his Personalized caricature business But will the dragons be able to picture It as an opportunity too good to miss Hello I'm Charlie Anson I'm the founder Of Charlie's cartoons and I'm here today Looking for a 40 000 pound investment in Exchange for 20 equity in my business So this is what we do uh personalized Cartoon portraits of the more upmarket Hand-painted highly detailed varieties To the more simple digitally designed uh More affordable versions such as this One of myself Our customers go onto our site and Upload everything they know about a Friend a colleague or a loved one

Including all the funny anecdotes and The memories they share and we process That information and turn it into a Funny imaginative cartoon composition Which we pitch back to the customer we Then draft it for them we hand paint it And frame it ready to be treasured as a Gift for years to come In my four years in business We've sold over 1200 units to customers Businesses and individuals across the UK And we've had a turnover in excess of Two hundred thousand pounds I currently have three cartoonists Working for me in London all of whom I've trained up to match and work According to my very specific house Style of cartooning and it's that Standardized style that enables me to Expand my Workforce in response to Increasing levels of demand which is Something that my competitors who are Individual artists painting on their own Can't do so I'm here today because with The right kind of investment I believe That in two years from now we will be Recognized and valued brand at the front Of people's minds when they think of Valuable personalized gifts I believe That we could then expand Internationally beyond the UK to the Europe the US and Beyond so thank you Very much for listening to my pitch That's me there

All right An exuberant pitch from a lively Entrepreneur Charlie Anderson is hoping To draw out a 40 000 pound investment For 20 of his bespoke caricature Business Jones is curious about Charlie's Flamboyant energy Charlie you're more animated in your Paintings Thank you I mean this is something that I feel passionately about as you can Probably tell Um and uh yeah I'm just excited about Showing this to you okay now Charlie You've been doing this for four years What did you do before that well I Trained as an actor I can tell and uh Thank you and I've been working that has Been 20 of my time working as an actor Since I've graduated so do you act now Still yes I do occasionally what have You done what's your latest uh done a Bit of Downton Abbey done a bit of Doctor Who Have you what have you done In Downton Abbey uh season three I was In the first episode playing a villain Bad guy who uh spiked a good guy's drink And it ended terribly okay let's get Back to the real business because that's Why you're here you sold 1200 units yeah How long does it take to do so one a Cartoonist will take between three and Five hours to create one of these right

Technically yeah they're wasted every Minute of theirs doing mine That's a very good like to see you Peter That's exactly look you well I mean Obviously you think that is a fair Reflection of me well to be honest I Think what do you call nodding here We're all nodding yeah you're in a Minority here Pizza people are listening To think that it's good oh and you're Finding that funny Charlie are you yes I think that can I talk a bit about your Cartoon I think you've got a lot of Making up to do very quickly haven't you Uh you've got Deborah yeah That's like a photograph isn't it well So it's like airbrushed into yeah I mean I have to admit you'll get to Kelly and You've got lovely beautiful Rosy Cheeks What do you think of what do you think Of Duncan well Duncan looks like Dracula Do you think that's fair don't care I Need a quarter look Okay Charlie's humorous caricatures have Created a jovial mood in the den thank You very much but with the fun over Deborah meaden wants to start filling in The business blanks What's the difference between the Caricature that's yours And these this is obviously a different Product yeah so this product is

Digitally designed and that that's a lot Quicker but um in my experience there's Less capacity for the level of Personalization and the added value that We get through personalization and the Hand-painted value as well that we get With this product These will go for 140 pounds each so This is the one that I'm the most proud Of this is the flagship product with the Unique selling point of having the added Imagination and humor and how does it Split between the sound of this at the Moment only 10 of sales are here 90 of Sales are for the more expensive more up Market more personalized product I Currently believe that we are accessing A tenth of our potential market and at The moment that at the moment we are I I Have a completely inadequate marketing Platform and that is my problem I'm 70 Of my turnover is reliant on Google ads Which are very expensive the only way to Make those cost effective is to go very Easily take a breath sorry yeah you'll Find it easier if you are stick to Answering the questions that get asked Otherwise it just becomes a stream of Absolutely absolutely absolutely A punto with a passion for his product But his scatter gun approach is starting To Rattle the cages of some of the Dragons now designer Kelly hoppin is Ready with her artistic opinion

I don't like caricatures I've never Really liked them and actually it's very Expensive because if you go down Bayswater Road a carrot Couture cartoon That is done by hand with pencil done in Front of you and slightly you know less Perfect actually is for me is something That I would prefer right it's done on The spot you go up to Monmouth in Paris They'll do it there very quickly and It's like oh that was great I don't see it as a as a big business I Think this is quite a niche market I Absolutely understand the reservations I Knew coming in here that everyone would Be skeptical about a bespoke art house But I do genuinely believe that it is Scalable I believe that under one art Director you can have five artists Working all of those artists turning out Seven cartoons a week that's under one Art director a potential 35 cartoons a Week that yearly that's 300 000 pounds So in in three years how much for Revenue so in I've actually made my plan On a one and two year plan and then five Years So um do you want me to work through one Two and five or straight to five because I believe the first two years will get Us to maximum capacity because you do Talk a lot sorry I believe it after year five once we've Gone internationally I believe that the

Turnover will be 1.5 million An ambitious projection from the Vivacious entrepreneur Has his predicted turnover peaked the Interest of Deborah meaden Whether I like it or not whether I like Whether it's something that I would buy Is completely irrelevant there is a Market for caricatures You may be able to double the business Maybe you'll be able to trouble it the Bad news is you will not be able to take The world over with it and apart for Anything else you're very endearing but You drive me mad I won't be investing I'm out So you scaled it up and this picture of Me arrives It doesn't allow me What if I don't like it Well you would have seen it at the draft Stage and you would have given your Feedback at that point but I've got to Say that 95 of our customers are happy At the draft stage and if we do have to Adjust it it's the five percent that Aren't happy That will kill you I think you've got a quite a good Business for you Um but it's not something For an investor into am I [Music]

With two Dragons Fallen by the wayside Charlie's investment hopes are starting To fade Will Duncan bannatyne or Kelly hoppen be Willing to put in some serious money [Music] Charlie I'll just try analyze it it's Far too labor intensive He did far too many people To expand this and make it scalable when A business is truly intensive it gives All sorts of problems people who don't Turn up for people who will do a bad job And you're always the one who's going to Get the blame for that bad job because You don't want to sell the product You're at the front end and so for that Reason all right thank you I think what you're doing your Enthusiasm is fantastic and you know Most of the time I'm complaining that People aren't enthusiastic enough about Their businesses so I'm not going to Knock you for that but I don't think There's a big enough market for you to Create what you think it could do I want To wish you luck with it but it's not Something that I want to invest in so For that reason I'm out [Music] Four dragons down It's now down to Peter Jones to rescue Or reject Charlie's bid for cash Just leaves me Charlie yeah

I think you should be admired for what You've done you've tried to create a Business that has opportunity and gives You an income whilst you're still Looking for your next Role in television or film and I think You will scale this up and you know what You'll earn a little bit more income but At forty thousand pounds for twenty Percent I think I'll be struggling to Get my money back So Charlie that's the reason why I'm not Going to invest and say today that I'm Out but I wish you all the very best for The future Thank you very much Peter thank you very Much all of you good luck So the curtains come down on Charlie's Pitch with no dragons prepared to risk Their cash on his cartoons you keep mine And I'll keep yours beer all right you Can have mine Doug and I sign it for you I'm pleased that how everything went to The den I think I said everything I had To say Deborah said I would drive her Mad because I speak too much and I think It's fair to say that I probably did Have the proverbial verbal dot dot dot Thank you [Music] We have boyfriend to girlfriend at School and we've been together for Roughly about four to five years Scared just a bit nervous

I feel a little bit nervous but I'm also Excited at the same time to show them Our Brands and our product just to see What they think Expecting to get completely grilled and Uh teared apart but hopefully I've got Uh the answers to back it up and Hopefully they invest today [Music] Hi everyone my name's Lloyd and this is My part Natasha and we co-own the Company grounded body scrub today we're Asking for thirty thousand pound for 15 In our company grounded body scrub is a Robusta coffee based body scrub which Targets common skin problems such as Cellulite stretch mark varicose veins Eczema acne and scarring In Australia coffee scrubs are massive At the moment Market leaders last year Turned over a 20 million pounds in the UK and around Europe coffee scrubs Haven't really been heard of and the Research we've done not a lot of people Know about them At the moment we've got free scrubs on Sale so we've got a coconut scrub a Grapefruit scrub and also our chocolate Orange grub our scrubs contain No nasty Chemicals fillers and they're also not Tested on animals in our first month of Trading we had a turnover of ten Thousand pound we're currently sell on Our website and not on the high last week we were messaged by Urban Outfitters in USA and they're Really interested in the brand so we Sent products to Philadelphia and we're Now a confirmed vendor of them We would use your investment for bulk Ingredients for the orders that we're Going to be getting we would use it for Advertising and also for marketing we Found that we've created the best brand And with your investment we could help Make it the biggest scrub on the shelves At the moment Partners Lloyd Hazel and Tasha Harris Are looking for 30 000 pounds for a 15 Share of their coffee fueled body scrub Business they do smell like coffee as Well Good Deborah meaden is first to scratch the Surface of this unusual product So um what's the known philosophy behind Using coffee as part of a treatment it Originated in Bali originally it makes You feel really good after you've had it It will just sort of perk your skin up Help blood circulation What are the joys of it you have to Really use it to know how good it makes Your skin feel not any other scrub apart From coffee scrub will make your skin Feel that smooth when did you start Trading and how much have you turned Over to date we've traded for three

Months we've turned over 11 900. Basically they retail of 13 pound fifty To make it's about two pound ten [Music] What is it that you've got that somebody Wouldn't do themselves I'm not going to Lie to you someone else could make a Another different scrub themselves and Copy the same idea but we've already got The name out there and I think with These scrubs I can definitely see it in A store votes grounded uh shelf in the Shop that actually retail our products And they'd sell Um what have you done before this uh Well I'm actually a music producer of Upcycled furniture as well and rebuild Cars you've already given me the feeling That you're a bit all over the place and Potentially you could be a little bit All over the place in life as well I Know I'm just very nervous man I'm I've Got it all together honestly I'm really Just nervous I love that you just said I'm really nervous man So I didn't mean to call you man Lloyd's candid approach to the most Important business pitch of his life has Certainly entertained the den But will he and Tasha be able to cope With the more intense interrogation of Their products Health claims Natasha can I ask you about the the Active ingredients in this

Coffee For me I've had eczema all my life so This is the only thing that's ever Really got rid of it and what is it what Is it that's got rid of it the main Thing that gets rid of it is that it Will exfoliate the top layer of skin Cells whereas if you just get topical Creams from doctors they don't do that Because they just apply sort of steroids That's really bad for your face so if You've got like a magical cure then you Think no it's not it really does work When I first started going out of Tasha Her face in the not being horrible in The winter as soon as it started turning Cold her whole other lip was completely Crusty like she I'd look her and she'd Be so angry because she couldn't even Talk because her face was that sore and Since we started making this it's Completely um there's still a tiny bit You can see it a tiny bit I'm very Joking I'm joking are you fairly Confident about you're making some quite Radical claims yeah I'd put my name to It that it works something because yeah That would be good yeah that would be Good if you were a doctor but you're not You do up cars Finding it difficult to back up their Claims of the body scrubs medicinal Qualities Lloyd and Tasha's investment Bid now appears to be on Shaky Ground

Will a quick shot of support from Sarah Willingham perk up their pitch [Music] I actually love and have used many times Coffee scrubs and I think they're Fantastic and they do work And I do struggle to get a really good One in the UK it's nowhere near as good As the one that I got from us nowhere Near Can you just tell us a little bit more About that deal that you're talking About with Urban outfits yes they said Uh oh hi we we really love your brand Grounded it's saying we definitely like To work with and we're literally waiting For an order so they've confirmed that They're going to order with it Lord Natasha Urban Outfitters yeah yeah I deal with them You normally find that when they order They'll trial it they won't put it into All the stores yeah they may put it into Six stores or eight stores when that's On the Shelf in Urban Outfitters what Concerns me visually as a retailer would Be how would my customer know What it does I think the end product might be great But you're gonna Market it yeah you're Gonna get the customers to know what it Is yeah and I'm worried about that wait Basically I'm gonna at least spend at Least like 15 000 of my own money

Pushing it up and every way I can to get It out there because people know what Ground your body scrub is fifteen Thousand of your own money yeah so why Do you need our money I'd love to work With one of you I think you'd get us Through to the right people and I think Once they we test the product on them And they seal the brand in I think They'll buy into it really A great job It's just short space of time Perhaps you're six months too early You got fifteen thousand pounds yeah Put into the business oh no I'm gonna Definitely grow the business to a point Where you take it to the next level It's not for me It's too small and for that reason I'm Out Parting words of advice but no cash as The young entrepreneurs lose their first Dragon [Music] Can Debra meet and see a lucrative Future in this beauty business startup What I'm not getting from you is a sense Of your business experience and also What your different roles are I do the Manufacturing Tasha does the speaking to Customers because she's better at me Than talking to people like in in a Weird way she's got the she kind of Talks like they're like sort of flirting

That's the kind of way that the company Cooks them it is it's like it's like You've taken not a truth pill yeah Yourself saying that stuff that's in Your head So do you understand have you ever done Accounts management accounts we've Literally been trading for three months So it's saying we've need to get into it So you're running it instinctively at The moment but do you appreciate that as You get bigger yeah you can't run it Instinctively 100 I don't want to do Anything You need one person who's going to give You their time who's going to give you Their attention it was going to make Sure it is targeted There is something about you but it's Very very startup it's going to need a Very very focused approach so I'm afraid I won't be making an offer I'm out thank You I'm going to just tell you where I am You just said I quote I don't want to do Anything I want someone else to do it Yeah I didn't mean it like that no I Know you didn't mean it but sometimes When people say things yeah there has a Subliminal meaning yeah I think you two Are going to need an intense amount of Work And my concern is that I think you are Too early stage and there are going to

Be lots of people out there that going To want to go on that Journey yeah I Don't want to go on that Journey you're Going to need somebody at the end of That phone constantly to give you Guidance and I'm not the man for that so I'm going to say I'm out The bitter taste of regret as Lloyd pays The price for his laid-back style and Loses a third dragon in Peter Jones Nick Jenkins who had earlier concerns About the product's medicinal benefits Has now made up his mind You've got a business which could be a Good lifestyle business but there's a Massive leap taking us on to the next Level and my fear as an investor is that Thirty thousand pounds isn't going to Cut the mustard it's probably going to Require a few hundred thousand pounds I Just think it's going to take too much Work to turn this into a business that's Going to give a return to an investor so I'm not going to invest I'm out More disappointment for the couple four Dragons gone None wanting to take a risk on such a Fledgling business Their only hope of investment rests with Sarah Willingham [Music] I think there is room For coffee scrub I really do in the UK I Think it'll get more and more

Publicity and I think more and more People will start to learn about the Benefits of using it I am Quite concerned about how much help You're going to need But I I like it there's something in it I and There's something in you guys where I Think you're actually proper grafters So I'm going to make you an offer but It's going to be quite a ballsy offer You're going to need a lot of work It's not just the phone calls it's not Just the introductions actually it would Be a lot of time mentoring and ending up Working with you guys But I am going to make you an offer Um I'm going to offer you all the money But I want 45 of the business [Music] If you want to have a talk yeah of Course It's the only offer on the table but There's still a lot to consider Are they willing to give up nearly half Of their company 30 more than they were looking to sell [Music] An early deal in the den a Sarah Willingham trusts her instincts and buys Into Lloyd and Tasha's dream of Launching coffee-based body treatments

In the UK Whoa That was crazy I love the product yeah I really do and I could get passionate and I loved them When Sarah invested it was amazing it's Quite a relief not to go home without an Investment she can get it into some big Stores that'd be excellent

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