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Foreign Hello Barbara hello gentlemen my name is Steve gadlin and my company is I want to Draw a cat for you I'm seeking a ten thousand dollar Investment in exchange for 25 percent of My company little music maestro Hey there sharks my name is Steve I got An offer that you won't believe for the Low low price at just 10 grand to get a Quarter of my company you understand You go to my site you describe a cat I Draw it I mail it it's as easy as that I'd invest if I were you and I want to Draw a cat for you I'll draw you a cat that's short and fat I'll draw you a cat with a pork pie hat I'll draw you a cat whatever the vibe I Draw the cat that you describe thank you I want to Draw a cat for me I want to draw a cat For you I want to draw a cat for you Well done I love the dancing oh my God That's my signature move now By now I'm sure you're asking yourself How did this did this idiot make his way Into the Shark Tank well let me tell you There is an economy for stupid and I am Overflowing with it now with their Universal appeal my cat drawings are Poised to be the next pet rock I charge People 9.95 for my cat drawings 932 of That is is profit I took the liberty of Drawing some cats for each of you ones I

Thought you might order if you came to My website so Robert I know you're into fast cars Thank you Steve Barbara you just closed The deal and you're looking fabulous Vroom vroom Mr Wonderful you are taking Your morning bath and your tubbo cash Damon here's a fancy man about the town And Mark congratulations on your Championship sir I have customers who've bought enough of These drawings to start their own cat Drawing Gallery why are people buying Them people ask for their dead pets they Want to draw about their breakup or Sometimes I have cats fighting an Octopus and a T-Rex on the moon so they Try to test you for like Bizarro stuff Too part of it is hey they know this is Going to go up on the website they want To show off their crazy eyes so you post All these drawings every single one on The website yeah and then they share Them with their friends and then their Friends come and they purchase cat Drawings to outdo one another and there Are some people who take this very Seriously you draw these yourself I I Draw these myself I sit down at a table And I take this person's very personal Request let it play around in my head For about a minute and then I can knock One of these out in about two minutes How leverageable is that how many can

You draw in a day I can draw about 25 of These in an hour in a week I can knock Out about a thousand of these but that's Just with me doing this by myself you Know as this business grows because of The profit margin it starts to pay for Its own growth so the really nice thing About this is I'm a web developer when I'm not drawing cats I'm building Websites so I don't have that overhead That any other company what are your Sales today okay I've sold over uh 1200 Of these cats in what period of time This is about a year Steve what do you do with my ten Thousand dollars if I give it to you What I'd first like to do is build out My e-commerce platform that I have and Grow it even further the other thing I Want to do is start dabbling into things Like greeting cards I love the stick I love the dancing Barbara was getting excited when you Turned your behind So it's all very exciting but how does This go from nine thousand dollars to a Hundred thousand well here's the leap of Faith working with me on this you're Partnering with one of the most creative Minds period I strike gold in very Unpredictable ways what you guys bring To that is the business Acumen to take Those ideas we have a fun little Marriage there and I believe my ideas

Are billions the problem is every Business model It's All About Steve Nothing wrong with that but what happens If you're walking outside the meteorite Crushes you into Road Pizza Steve you've convinced me you're a very Creative guy but am I buying into Steve The creative guy and taking a leap of Faith and saying let's go baby we'll Figure out the business tomorrow or am I Are you trying to sell me the cat Business I'm trying to sell you the cat Business and a partnership with me Um I I have so many ideas which will Seem at face value equally as stupid as This Is obviously PR is the big push because You're not out there spending money to Drive people to your website yeah there Are no cat drawing fairs or so tell me About the publicity process so I'm a Real Hustler for everything I do I tend To bring a lot of press attention to What I do on a local level I emailed Groupon I knew they had a cat mascot and I said hey I draw cats do you guys want To do a Groupon for this I got a Response the next day and then uh you Know on Black Friday we launched it and It was one of their most successful it Sold out very quickly Um and how many did you commit to do Well the nice thing about Groupon is a Thousand people said I'm buying but only

About half of them ever actually Redeemed so you got to keep the money Exactly look very interesting really Small dollars not investable from my Point of view Can I tell you something Kevin you don't Know I want you to go out and then I want you To go back to your hotel tonight put Your head on your pillow I promise you The last thing that's going through your Head before you go to sleep is I want to Draw A cat for you I beg you please let me do This I'm out okay I I accept I accept it I'd like to counter if I could So Steve you've done a phenomenal job of Free PR but does it worry you that after All this PR that the net result is seven Thousand I'm out These guys just don't get it I get it I Love your creativity thank you I'll give You 25 grand for 33 just say yes 25 Grand 33 oh man because if you don't If you say no that means you don't Really want to work I'm interested I'm interested hold on I'm the one that knows technology I'm The one who gives you the trick he's Done it before I'm not going to go in a Bidding Dave you got to make a call here No Mark I would love to partner with you On this I want to ask one thing what's

That maybe one in a thousand cats will You pitch in and draw it for me yes you Got a deal good I love it you're hysterical thank you Very much like this hit it To the side turn right ready Turn around that is Ugly no it's not it's good A lot of money Guys can't wait to work with you thank You so much I don't care how hard you look you Cannot find talented people like that Who would have the vision and have the Guts I love it it's hilarious to me that a Silly little joke I started a long time Ago has come far enough to where Mark Cuban just became a business partner of Mine holy freaking cow that's awesome oh My gosh First into the tank is a coupled with an Innovation in pet products Hi sharks let me introduce ourselves I'm Tara and I'm Jason we're the founders of PBX pet design and today we're asking For three hundred thousand dollars for 15 of our company Now Jason and I are of the generation That grew up online with computers so Naturally we met online we eventually Got married and you know what happens Next we adopted more cats The problem with cat toys today it's

This they're cute they're colorful but When you take them home your cats play With them for about five minutes these Guys are basically throw away imagine Instead you could walk into a pet shop And there'd be an entire aisle dedicated To the wellness of your cat with Products that enhance your Kitty's Lifestyle and really help you improve Your relationship with your cat well That's what we are doing at PBX pet Design for our first product we created Shrew the intelligent cat companion as You can see in the video true entertains Her cat while you're out for the day now We designed true to mimic a small Animal's motion so it ignites the Hunting Instinct of your little tiger It's basically going to be your cat's New BFF for our next product we looked At the fact that cats groom each other As a form of social bonding there's also Evidence to suggest that your cat thinks You're a big cat not a human So why should you be left out of their Intimate bonding ritual wow With Wiki brush you don't have to be Left out anymore Wiki brush is a tongue-shaped brush you Can use to finally lick your Tut just Like a mama cat likes her Young No you're not gonna stick that in your Mouth are you yeah oh You're joking oh they're free I'm not

Joking you're joking no so who wants to Join us on the quest to improve Kitty Lies around the world You need to drop a mic right about now Yeah we're gonna give each of you guys a Cat and a licky brush and a shroom so You can test it out oh no you're not oh Yes we are I want a cat what's the name Of the cat Chestnut Chestnut is now Psychologically Disturbed Robert if you can take a cat Jason what Happened What happened man this has been a viral Hit I bet it has I'll try it with the Real cats Oh my God I hate myself so much right now people Use it and they say this is a wonderful Bonding experience with their animals Well I like it's a difference if The cat or if you were just yeah Then it's just a brush Okay guys I want to take it seriously Because you asked for 300 000 Before I saw you lick a cat with me we Don't know what their sales are how many Did you sell to date we have sold about 200 and uh fifty thousand dollars worth Of shrew and about fifty two thousand Dollars worth of like your brush we have Five other designs in the pipeline right Now and we think they're gonna be Equally viral we know how to talk to

People on the internet About Cats what Did you guys do before look at lickety Split well I'm an electrical engineer by Trade which makes perfect sense She's created shrew and licky brush Himself we have not outsourced any of The Contracting engineering we do Everything and I work on the business Management side of it I actually went to The University of Waterloo Mr Wonderful You did yeah and then I went on to uh Explore PhD in Neuroscience are you a Canadian sure am she's targeting you she Thinks you might be a cat I'm gonna make Sure they throw you out of the country Did we ever ask you how much it sells For no you haven't okay MSRP today is 119 119. there's a lot of difference are you Kidding it's a lot of Technology What's the lucky brush sell for Pre-order is 19. that's cool guys can you just give Me for this year combine what total Sales will be in your forecast between The liquor and the Egg our projected Sales for this year are 180 000. so what Would make you think that you could Price this business at over 2 million in Valuation we're really focused on future Revenue Looking for a lot more because I know We're going to double our Revenue next Year and the year after and the year

I've never heard anybody say I promise We're gonna fail This is so crazy I mean it's just well You guys know as soon as this episode Airs we're gonna it's this is this Episode's gonna go viral I want to Explain you something really important Everybody says I want to go viral I'm Going to go viral we did we did you said You went back yeah we had like 20 Million but your sales from that was 250 000 on the one and 52 on the other for Going viral Should be higher I'm out Thank you Lori I appreciate that I I Have to tell you Sales aren't there I'm sorry I'm out Thank you Robert Listen I wish you wouldn't have answered So much so soon I mean you only really Have a little proof of concept I don't know how I get around that Number everybody has the same problem You ask for too much I'm just thinking I Go back to my office meet my team say I Gave them 300 Grand and I stick this in My mouth and they look at me and say I'm Getting a job somewhere else now Look you've had fun with it obviously You've owned it so it's become more than Just a business right as part of your Personality looking for for a big break You didn't price this asking for a big Break if you guys had come in and said

You know what Believe in Us 50 grand for 20 of the company we all grow together I Think we'd all be in it then somebody Could take a flyer yeah but 300K That's too much and for those Reasons I'm out Thank you Mark you know just reminds me Of a whole story of cop old school Irish Cop is looking at a black woman runs up To him oh my God my cat's in the tree he Looked over the tree and he said lady You see any cats skeletons hanging Around up in the street sooner or later The cat's gonna come down they'll have To work it out we can't help with that Valuation you're gonna have to work it Out by yourself I'm out Thank you Damon Mr Wonderful we haven't heard from you My my daughter my son would look at me Saying what happened to you Dad what What why did you do it we made you a lot Of money you're not worth 300K now it's Just too much money for this I'm out Guys I just want to say how happy I am That you met each other thank you Kevin So much we wish you a good luck And we also we have backup plan through Canon Hills we are going to build this Company and so this isn't the end that Was great that's why I do shark tank Because you never know when someone's Gonna lick a cat

Next up is a technological solution for Optimizing brain performance Foreign I'm Allison and I'm Ken and we're the Brains behind one of the hottest devices In the world we're looking for a 200 000 Investment for 10 of our company sharks Nowadays everyone is searching for ways To increase productivity focus and Performance to get a boost students Professionals video Gamers and athletes Are all consuming too much caffeine and Sugary snacks these chemical stimulants Raise the heart rate and travel through The entire body but only a small bit of The stimulant makes its way to the brain What if there were a smarter way to get A similar boost of energy using a new Emerging technology well now there is Introducing lifted neurostimulation Liftage utilizes a process called Transcranial direct current stimulation Or tdcs Our device uses a mild electric current That passes through two electrodes Placed on the upper forehead area known As the frontal lobe a part of the brain That when stimulated has been shown to Increase Focus attention and memory a Simulation session lasts 20 minutes once A day while a user is performing a task Like studying for an exam playing a Video game or reading a book designed by A world-class Neuroscience team lifted

As easy to use lightweight stylish and Well positioned to become the coffee of The future sharks who's ready to get Productive get focused and get lifted Sharks we would love to do a lifted Stimulation session with you and it's Safe we're not going to get electricity It's so safe okay so what you have in Front of you is a is a kit that has Everything that you will need to do a Lifted uh stimulation session so if you Open the kit and you'll pull out the Device this device that's the device and You turn it over you'll see there are Two black electrodes and what we're Going to do is there are sponges right In front of you that are in a saline Solution put them inside your electrodes And then you're ready to go I'm going to Put this on Allison's head okay And then what do we do okay so then You're gonna put it on your forehead and This is freaking me All right I'm gonna hold mine okay Everybody reach for the button press That down for two seconds and you'll Hear it beep okay It's ramping up for 30 seconds I feel Like I'm being shot that's what TDC has It's a little prickly and tingly yeah See that in my upper teeth too like Things a little bit I don't feel that Same stimulus like with a coffee or Anything like is it immediate so this

Device you are supposed to be doing Something to get your brain working and Focusing on something and that's how you Improve your focus well I'm gonna ramp It down guys How do you know something won't go wrong Well first of all PCS is backed by 5 000 published studies They're using it for Alzheimer's Parkinson's any evidence it works Epilepsy what is it doing for those Things okay specifically Brian has Billions of neurons and in those Billions of neurons most are dormant so When you're doing a stimulation Set uh Session and you're doing like a for Example a spreadsheet what's happening Is called neuroplasticity that means the More you do that the more those neurons Are more likely to fire the next time When all sharks oh this is a notice to All sharks warnings for lifted Nora Stimulation read along with me sharks Do not use if you have any electronic Implantic medical device a metal plate In the brain or head a pacemaker or Defibrillator do not use the view of Epilepsy seizures brain lesions or Severe heart disease do not use if you Have sensitive skin or a rash broken Skin or open wounds such as sores Cuts Or pimples do not use while driving Drinking operating or Machinery or any Situation where you may be impaired has

No medical benefit and is not intended To protect or treat any medical Conditions I'm not saying you're making Claims but the point is Mark this if it Has no medical benefits you know Neuroscience this is for cognitive Benefit it's for Focus attention and Memory you're very very passionate about This it's clear why are you so Passionate about this and why did you Decide to do this product I've always Had an eye for product I was National Salesman of the year for Hasbro at 23 Years old also when I was in college I Sold solar hats on the streets of DC I Introduced General Mills to the Two-piece spoon in the lid that was on Colombo yogurt if you remember that I Get it again You've got a lot of energy but I want to Go okay let me tell you hear me I just Want to ask a question we got Product I got best can you came to the Shark tank for an investment you won't Let the investors talk I've traveled to Every trade show in the world I've come To going okay for 30 years I have to ask a question okay please Just okay listen Ken how much have you Sold of this we have sold 1240 pieces we Are here How much do they sell for they're landed For 22 dollars with duty all in and they Sell for 149 so how many dollars is that

Ken 126 thousand dollars here's the Problem for me I have never created or been a part of Or invested in any products that make Claims that have to do with physical Things like you'll lose weight you'll Look better I have to feel that I can Show efficacy 100 so I steer clear so For those Reasons I'm out Okay I accept the fact that you're a Great salesman because you were telling Me that but I can't justify the great Salesman with the absolutely horrific Presentation you did today but but Robert you did nothing but come out here And talk talk right and you were like a Machine gun your job is to get me to Share that passion And the way you do not do that is just To talk over everybody so the nicest Thing I can say to you today is I'm out okay I do not doubt for one Second that you believe every single Thing you shared and it may well be true I cannot connect to stuff and I cannot Invest in stuff that I cannot connect to And for that reason I'm out And I appreciate that this is a dream to Be here we did this and we're here today And this is a this is a major it's a Major home run for us yes silence for One moment I I have a headache and I Don't know whether it's you or my Session on the lifted

I believe you're a great sales guy I Really do and you're very passionate That's clear but you're now in the Lexicon of the craziest pitches ever on Shark Tank I can't join you guys but but Kevin I'm Out Guys look you tried to sell science Without using science and for that Reason I'm out Good luck we appreciate it thank you Bye-bye bye The sharks are going to regret that they Did not invest in Lifted it's a Multi-billion dollar category and it Helps people and we've got that device And we can't wait to keep growing this Particular brand lifted is here just

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