Top 5 Family Pitches | Vol.2 | COMPILATION | Dragons’ Den

First into the den is Robert sack who Swapped Southeast Poland for Northwest London and his business pitch today is a World away from the pitches he started Out on I was a semi-professional football Player in Poland so I came to England to Play football but unfortunately I got Injured very very quickly and that Finished my sort of dreams so Roberts Moved from the changing room to the Boardroom with a new business idea that He hopes will be a game changer The product we've got is a little gem Which changes people's life Hello dragons my name is Robert suck and Today I'd like to present you my brand The heart of nature which is pure grain Bread and offer you 10 of my company for 40 000 pounds Pure grain bread is basically a loaf of Bread bar made completely with just Seeds and Grains without using any flour Or any raising agent including yeast So the product is completely natural but Not just natural it's very delicious and It's very very healthy as well To date after 17 months of sales we've Sold just sort of 400 000 loaves we are Listed in waitrose ocado Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic And this year we on target to reach 400 000 turnover with the gross profit Margin of around 45 to 50 percent

I've got some samples for you as well Um so hopefully you like them [Music] Hoping to pry some dough out of the Dragons is Polish entrepreneur Robert Sack what do I take um you can take one Of the boards and one of the plates Who's offering to hand over a 10 slice Of his healthy bread company in return For 40 000 pounds of dragon cash the Dips are we've got some salmon avocado And some polished prunes Is first to quiz the footballer turned Foodie When I first saw the bread it reminded Me of Denmark Absolutely black bread in Denmark yep I Was married to a Danish lady who's the Mother of my children and we used to go To Denmark quite a lot so you've taken a Polish bread and had the initiative to Bring it to the UK yes it's bringing Some traditional Polish tradition over Here yeah okay I'm gonna let you do a Secret I've been sitting in this chair now this Is my fourth year We've had lots of food brought here Which we're trying and I just pick at it And not only have I eaten you the tray I've also gone into the packet so that Tells you something I like the product thank you Hi Robert hi Jenny lovely product thank

You very much thank you what's the Background then to how it's Evolved four Or five years ago I started doing the The Polish groceries and uh the bread Was just such a great response that we Concentrated just on the bread and I Left all the other stuff okay and just Remind me of those numbers that you uh Told us in your pitch you did 400 000 Turnovers yeah we should reach we should Reach it yeah yeah we should reach Between 350 to 400 000 with the net Profit of around hundred thousand okay And what would your numbers look like in A year's time I'm really hoping to go to About a million but then if we could get One or two vital listings like sainsbury Or those figures could could go even to Four or five million Bold projections from The Confident Entrepreneur have caught the attention Of the dragons But Deborah meaden appears to be a Little puzzled by the Polish produce [Music] So what makes something a bread product Because I have to say that hasn't got The consistency of what I would assume As a bread In Poland it's a bread but it's not a Bread technically in in UK because Obviously we don't use any raising agent Or flower but because it's produced in Poland we can actually use the the name

As a bread over here as well Right So you're in waitrose ocado Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Those are the big names which is your Biggest account Um ocado and waitrose because they Stocking in 200 stores And selling around Two to three thousand every week But it tastes good it tastes healthy But in the name is the heart of nature I'm not 100 keen on it It could mean anything It doesn't specifically tell me this is A high fiber nutritious but if you go to Internet and you put down the heart of Nature all the first page is our bread But that could be with this The first pages I'm talking about A brand name I'm not saying I'm perfect Yeah no no I'm just saying branding is Very important to me brand names Packaging design all that stuff in all Fairness I I don't have expertise in That field but you're happy to look at Absolutely Foreign Embraces the product but not its Branding Hookah Solomon now wants to find out About Robert's International setup So how do your Logistics work you have

It made in Poland This is made in Poland and comes over Here and how big your team Me me and my partner there's only two People and and your partners you're You're my wife so yeah the two of you Acquainted this business well that's Good should be proud of yourselves thank You [Music] Can I just ask about your specific Business where are you financially You've mentioned earlier about running It for you and your partner it's Provided you with a nice life that's Great So what have you turned over so far year To date we we're just reaching around 250 000 so we've got four or five months To go so on that 250 what was your gross Margin uh 250 that's around 70 to 70 000 And but obviously we take salaries so How much have you been paying yourself Um to go with my partner we're around 6 000 a year 60. yeah So you've made no money because you're Paying yourselves a salary Correct yeah As an investor I would look at that and Say it's not making any bread Correct but last year I was paying Myself 5 000. what I'm saying the Business what is the incentive for me to Invest because at the moment the

Business doesn't make any money well if Just for example if we get sainsbury We will have all the profits coming from Yeah what if you don't get Sainsbury's And what if you don't get Tesco we just Keep working until we we get somebody Yeah simple as that So why have you paid yourself that's Quite a large amount of money to go from 5 000 and all of a sudden you decide to Say Two kids and I have to provide for them That's a good answer but it's not good Enough for me The reality is that you're using this Business at the moment to pay for your Family's lifestyle because you're taking All the money out of it that's the Reality that's that stage of the Businesses no it's not the stage of the Business stage of your life okay You're using this vehicle To pay for your lifestyle and your Family Correct yeah I get really concerned especially in the Early stages where somebody goes for one Thing and you take 120 000. we didn't Take 120 it's 60 000 between us two Oh I Thought you said each no no no no Between US 60 000 for me and uh my Partner not 120. okay well that makes a Big difference Robert although on the face of it looks

Like a niche product It's not it's a growing Market Absolutely Every single Branch waitrose Branch Sells between 10 and 15 per week so if You transfer that to the mainstream Supermarkets we're talking about Thousands and thousands every week and That would just bring Millions really Well I like it and I'm going to make you An offer I'm going to offer you all of the money Um and I want 20 of the business Deborah Mead and sees the potential to Take a bite out of a burgeoning market And tables a bid Eslao vani's brand is vitamins and Supplements does he see a natural fit With this natural food I just like the product I think it's Great and for sure all the major Retailers Would be interested in something like This So I'm going to make you an offer I'm gonna offer the same deal as Deborah Which is all of the money For 20 of the business I believe that the value I can add in Terms of your supermarkets and Retail Could be immense to grow your business Okay thank you [Music] So Robert

This is a very investable business you Know it's a growing area you've got Something successful here what holds me Back is it's the product that I can't go I love that and then I can't do that Then I don't feel you know genuine to You So for that reason I'm out Robert I'll tell you where I am okay I Admire the fact that you've created a Business from nothing With a Chance of success in the future But I actually think that this business Is going to lead quite a bit of money It's not a journey Robert that I want to Get on okay so for that reason I'm out [Music] The yeast free bread hasn't risen to the Top of Peter Jones's shopping list and He ends his interest With two offers on the table only Tuka Suleiman remains He's eaten his fill of the merchandise But will he dish up an offer Robert You've been very quiet Yes Full Product And I would find it no problem to put You in brother Tesco As the you name it I can open any door For you I'm gonna make you an offer

I want 20 percent I'm gonna give you 50 000 or 40 000. Okay thank you so much Time to think Robert now has three offers to consider Deborah meaden and Tage lalvani want 20 Of his company double the 10 share That's up for grabs Whilst Tuka Suleiman wants the same Amount of equity but is offering an Extra ten thousand pounds as an Incentive So my question is Deborah and Tash how would you feel Sharing half of the money for ten Percent That's better The Branding is you know I'd be all over That I judge the nourish Awards I'm Right banging this you know and I can See exactly what to do with it The equity would be a little bit of an Issue for the amount of effort to put Into the product They are Very direct areas which you don't work Together which this bread could be taken As well where well obviously you could Go to health stores which health stores Don't I sell into What do I sell product into Holland and Barrett and Planet Organic and Whole Foods You do yeah yes

In the ideal world I'd love to have all three of you For 30 in the business but I know I know Um Thank you very much that was really Great to meet you Tasha as well but I'm Gonna accept Debra wow Excellent thank you so much Good I'm really pleased thank you Deborah meaden's Health Food credentials Tip the scales and win her the deal The entrepreneur leaves the den with the 40 000 pounds he was seeking and a Delighted dragon on board well done Deborah I think you've got a good guy There he's good To have Debra on board with business is Absolutely fantastic she's big time in In organic world And I think I'm gonna get a lot of help From her how do you feel today well Actually I'm um you know I'm not too Bothered He is so bothered [Music] Good afternoon I'm Phil Petty of industrial controls Engineering I'm here today to introduce you to a new Industrial system for measuring of the 21st Century We have developed a freedom two and Three-dimensional measurement system Which requires a camera

And a Only 30 seconds into his pitch and Philip is already struggling to explain His idea confidently despite smuggling Written notes into the Dragon's Den We have identified a need for a camera Technology that can develop take two and Three-dimensional images and create you An automatic two and three-dimensional Drawing Yet it's quick And simple to use and also capable of Taking two and three-dimensional data From external sites and internal sites I become I've become development and Research has been developed by my Husband I have a conversation development expert Expenditure of 750 000 has been Exclusively supplied by the company Directors We are hoping to obtain A 50 000 pound Equity Fund from Yourselves With an additional match funding the Source of which has been identified To provide a working capital of a Hundred thousand pounds The equity investment is anticipated to Be returned within 10 within one to two Years I hope I've identified all the points I'm trying to identify As you have any questions

Phillips pitch is terrible he's failed To explain the idea properly and left The dragons needing to know a lot more Before they can consider investing the 50 000 pounds he wants to raise Phil hi hi You've mentioned that the equity by Either 50 000 pounds that you're looking For what's the percentage of the of the Company that you're offering today five Percent If it or I've called young she's got all The figures to finance because Absolutely Philip's brother John is a partner in The business can he help sell the system Great Phil I'm I'm a real technophob and What I want you to do is explain to me Exactly how this works step by step Simply I want you to simplify it as much As you can try the best Um Their system Any object and displays the information And image on a computer It's an invention with many industrial Applications but will the dragons grasp How lucrative this could be And Phil give us the the laser part of That is that the bit that you've Designed from scratch or what have you Designed and created here or assistant Okay you've put a system together but Have you put a system together based on

Parts that have been out there and They're currently functional you just Basically cut thought of the concept or Have you actually designed that from Scratch patented it brought it to the Market or looking to bring it to the Market is it fully is it fully Internet It's a fully is it being it's a granted International patents the the actual System as a whole and the system if I Could join that sorry is that owned by Yourself it's a granted patent it's a Granted pattern and it's a broad form Pattern on this entire so there's you're It's broad enough to cover anybody else Trying to use the combination of laser Light plus digital imagery to 28 claims In the actual pattern there's 28 claims Well said So that I think sums up it does Doug Richard and Peter Jones seem to have Worked out what a money spinner the Brother system could be but Philip and John need more than the dragon's cash They admit they're out of their depth in The business world and need some Guidance too We know our limitations We are quite happy to look at the Licensing of the product But If we'd have gone to people and said we Want to license this people won't take Us seriously why not I don't understand

That because it seems to me that that You know you're two people you're too Ads or two people who are not actually Worked in that environment what you're Talking about is professors universities You're not taking seriously unless you Actually show it to them working and They can't refuel it Philip and John Tickle to understand and two dragons Have heard enough I've got no sort of Base on which to judge it and it's Really not my type of business and I'd Probably be totally useless to you if I Was to to come in as an investor so it's Not a business that turns me on So I'm out you haven't sold it to me and I'm not investing in it Philip and John are looking for 50 000 Pounds from the remaining dragons who Now know they could buy a share in a Potentially lucrative system for very Little money but are the brothers Themselves any help to the business How do you both feel being brothers that Actually you could be told what to do by Somebody else I'm an engineer I've been Told what to do for most of my working Career so perhaps we need an engineer And we don't need John how would you Feel then Life's a I'm not sure exactly what you do John I try to pull everything else together

Philip and John's joint venture is about To lose another potential investor I think there's problems when you get Two brothers working together And they own the company I haven't Really thought deeply about it I'm not interested I'm out Three Dragons down and things appear to Be going badly for Philip and John but Doug Richard has sensed he could pick up A bargain if he invests some of the 50 000 pounds the brothers are looking for Let me let me make let me be very blunt I'll put 25 000 if up right now which Gets you halfway to your number but I Would expect five percent of the company For it Because you're not going to adjust you Won't succeed with just my money you're Also going to need my time and you can't Afford my time so I'm going to give you My time and that's what you're really Asking for today is the experience of Somebody who knows how to take this Thing to Market yeah Dog Richard is prepared to put in half The 50 000 pounds Philippine John need But he wants five percent of the company They only want to give away five percent In total and they still need to raise Another 25 000 pounds Peter Jones is about to turn the screw I Would actually like to say that I think I'm in

For 25 000 pounds but it would have to Be on a 15 shareholding basis So I'm offering you today 25 000 pounds For 15 of the business So you want 15 you were talking about Five you may off regard different while I was waiting so finish with them will Come back to me So I think really it's in your hands now Whether that is something you'd like to To consider and take forward Peter Jones will put in the other 25 000 Pounds but he wants even more of the Brothers company than Doug Richard he's Demanding 15 and if Philip and John Agree to that Doug Richard will want a Similar deal I think that you need a real large Quantity of business help That is something that in my life is a Precious commodity And so what you're essentially doing Gentlemen is you're selling 30 of the Company for fifty thousand pounds a Little up from five Foreign Doug Richard and Peter Jones have Offered Philip and John the 50 000 Pounds they need but the two dragons Want a massive chunk of their company Will they accept the deal so the I think Your first obstacles you got to get over Here is are you interested in accepting An investment

At a radically different price At the moment I'll say I don't deal with the business Side you do now you're having an Investment discussion with a potential Investor you're you do deal with the Business agent Um A photo of what I think it was saying is That yeah we're very interested in what You're talking about what we are Is You've talked about actually providing This expertise in both cases and what we Want to what we want to understand is a Level of that expertise that we'll be Getting for that for that return fair Question in my case my first company was As a cad cam integrator for the Aerospace and defense industry in Los Angeles to have a perfectly clear Understanding of it and most all of the Technology we've been discussing and I've brought I don't know 40 or 50 Software products to the market Doug Richard began his career creating Computer-assisted design tools and Philip and John are impressed Peter Jones is also confident he'll be able to Help them The products to Market is my game so I Think that's where my clear skill set is Is actually evaluating now where your Sales channels will be how you're going

To deploy the right people how are we Going to get a management team together And how we're going to work as a team And get that product to market now Doug Richard knows all about products Similar to the one Philip and John have Been demonstrating today and he Understood early on that they had a Potentially lucrative system but will Philip and John agree to giving away 30 Of their business for just fifty Thousand pounds Then I would say I will be interested Yeah interested or accepting Yes hi Alexander Well done guys we've just got an Investment congratulations Against the odds Philip and John have Got their investment and two valuable Mentors the brothers walk away with the 50 000 pounds they came for in exchange For 30 of their business Peter Jones and Doug Richard think it's a great deal [Applause] Interesting business well you don't Think so that was the most boring Business I've seen yet uh it's the Boring ones that make all the money it Is it's the ones that you don't know About it might be a very good business And also you've got two guys there that Clearly They need they need this they need to Help and they want help and they've got

A great product and you know the great Thing about it is they're right if there Is no way to turn this into a business We could sell the patent for more than That Yes you've got to return anyway and we Will write it into the agreement so There's just no downside Foreign Thing about your pictures that compared To some You're so gentle I mean really you you So undersold and this is a really Substantial product and you barely we Could have missed it almost well I'm Afraid we are should we know our Limitations and one of those if we're Not salesmen and the other thing you've Got to remember we also know where it Can go so what we're telling two today Is a fraction of where we believe it can Take you to two sisters proposing a Toast To their mission to transform women's Lives a road that's already been Particularly Rocky there's been so many Ups and downs on our journey so far and I think we've we've learned to sort of Embrace the fear Their next hurdle facing the dragons It's it's terrifying it is absolutely Terrifying I guess that's why they're called Dragons yeah yeah well we're hoping

They're friendly dragons Foreign [Music] [Music] And one of you can make this thing come True [Applause] Hello my name is Lucy and this is my Business partner and sister laryn Together we have designed developed Crowdfunded for and launched halto the Simple solution to neck pain caused by Halter neck swimwear We're asking today for a 50 000 pound Investment in return for 15 shares in Our company Jetty rocks Limited Bra sizes in the UK are on the increase With the average now being a 36 Double D And having a weight of around two and a Half pounds per boob Halter neck swimwear ties at the back of The neck meaning the wearer is carrying Around five pounds of weight in this Area often causing bruising rubbing neck Aches headaches and blisters Halto fits any tie strap halter neck Bikini by simply feeding the straps Through the holes and tying on the back Of the neck as normal The harder top layer holds the knot in Place and stops IT digging into the Wearer's spine and the soft under Cushion offers protection from the Cheese wire effect of the straps we

Started trading just nine months ago and Within two weeks we were stocked on the Shelves at National retailer bravissimo Halto was the first commercial solution To this problem outside of North America Halter retails 9.99 for a pack of two And it's selling well both on and Offline for those dragons not familiar With the halter ache we have some Weighted bikinis for you to try so thank You for listening please take some Samples and ask any questions you may Have Who'd like to try bikini first Oh that's very brave of you A bold pitch from sisters Lucy Cox and Lauren Claire nice bright color to Messages They're looking for 50 000 pounds so This is the average bra size in the UK For 15 of their company making a device That spreads the load of a halter neck Top that is heavy It's heavier While two casulliman struggles to get to Grips with the mock-up Peter Jones Is In Search of the product's specific Function What does it really do in terms of is it Just purely a bar of support in that in That neck area So if I was to wear a whole nap bikini It would just hurt so you put it on you Think that's kind of uncomfortable then

You're moving around you're running Around after the kids and within an hour It's almost unbearable the next day I Still have bruising on the back of my Neck from it it's still really hurts so It is a really big problem but there's Just no solution to it until now So you've been going nine months how Much have you turned over in nine months This financial year we have so far Turned over 14 000. out of that 14 000 what was your Margin imagine that we have at the Moment when selling to trade at four Pounds 50 is a 68 gross profit margin so What do they cost you one pound 42 per Unit The entrepreneurs demonstrate a good Grasp of the business basics Now tej lalvani has some first-hand Experience of the problem he wanted to Know where people are buying the product The 14 000 sales that you do how much of That is sold online and at the at the Store so about three percent of that is Eating at the moment so 95 of that is Going at the moment too to retail to Yeah to retail and you mentioned that Outside north of America earlier so does That mean the competitors doing the same Product in America or there is one Product in North America currently They're only selling via small Independent stores in America and their

Turnover is approximately 140 000 pounds They've been going for around 10 years I Think yeah that's not good news Uh it shows the market size is not very Big or their ambition [Music] Slow sales of a rival product across the Pond have given tej lalvani cause for Concern over the size of the opportunity Could Jenny Campbell have a more Positive Insight that the male dragons Have missed I'm sort of sitting here amusing and Enjoying the boys conversation but Trying to relate it to my own experience I totally recognize the problem you Describe but the other angle I was Thinking about is for me when I'm Tanning my back and I lie down I tend to Go Boop yeah which can be dangerous but Um you just have to be careful so what I'm thinking can I just do that when This is hanging off it and two then when I have to very carefully put it back Together again while it's lying on one's Stomach I'm not sure that I can do all Of this stuff actually it's easier Because by keeping it on you can Actually pull the strap out and just Pull it over the top and then you can Just put that back over your head and Tie it up one of the things that a Swimmer manufacturer who approached us Really liked about the product is the

Fact that a lot of his customers were Very concerned about wearing this style In case some cheeky person just came Along and did that and their boobs fell Out and actually what this does is it Does offer some protection from that Actually happening and that was a big Selling point for them okay Jenny Campbell gets to the bottom of the Practicalities of the product Does high-end fashion Guru Tuka Suleiman Feel the sisters have invented an Industry-changing innovation You girls are great thank you But your product's not This is not going to make you any money Enthusiasm Passion Drive you've got it But any swimwear manufacturer Could just make those four cents without The packaging and include it in their Swimsuit I think you're great the pair of you and I just wish you came here with a Different products because I don't Believe that this is for me anyway in Investable I'm sorry but I'm out Too easily copied as the verdict of Tuka Suleiman who becomes the first dragon Down Time to see if Deborah meaden's seen Anything to make her want to offer Financial support to the business

You've actually done a very good job on Producing this The Branding I think is Lovely I totally get the product so I Have no criticism at all which often Then follows with us so I'm going to Make you an offer Not in this instance Because I don't share your view that This is a big Market what is going to Happen is that if it becomes a really Popular product it'll just be Commoditized it will be cheap You won't be getting 9.99 and therefore It either becomes cheap as chips and You've got to sell hundreds and hundreds Of thousands of them which I don't think You will or it stays expensive and it Doesn't you don't sell that many of them I won't be investing in this I'm out Deborah meaden fails to see the Product's potential for profitability And joined to kasuliman in withdrawing From the deal Will tej lauvani's new found Sympathy For the problem be enough to convince Him to stick his neck out with an offer I'll tell you where I am obviously my Knowledge in this area is very tiny and Today I've learned a hell of a lot But no I mean obviously the market is Tiny and your example of the US and U.S Is people considering one of the largest Markets in the world and if they're Doing uh 140 000 pounds of sales it uh

It sort of shows the limit of the scope But I wish you the best of luck but I'm Out Lucy learning um I think the product are there for the The business opportunity actually is not As big as the assets that it's supposed To support So on that basis Sadly I'm out okay thank you Peter Peter Peter Jones becomes the Fourth Dragon to refuse to get behind the Product Now only Jenny Campbell remains Can she add some Financial Muscle to Prop up the Enterprise You are both a credit to female Entrepreneurs you really are not in just The product the the issue of identified The product you've developed But I don't see the market here So I wish you all the best but I'm out Thank you very much In puppeteering Jenny Campbell reluctantly decides not To take the plunge and the sisters leave The den without the fifty thousand Pounds they were looking for these yeah This is not not Parma journey I thank God I didn't have to wear this Every day that's all I think you look Quite good in it The show went really well actually they

Loved us didn't they they did it we got A round of applause you know I think if we've done all of it they Would have invested but you know we Don't know like I shouldn't leave it up To them really should we no All right so who are we going for then All of them I think being brother and sister really Helps us out in our business we can kind Of cut through all the politeness think It helps us to really get things done Foreign Just because she's got a kind of ethical Caring side about the businesses that She supports and that kind of fits in Quite nicely with what we do [Music] Hello dragons my name is Anna and Alongside my brother William we are the Co-founders of optiat we take Ingredients which would otherwise be Discarded and thrown away and we Transform them into our sustainable skin Care products that's where our brand Name optiac comes from it's an acronym Which stands for one person's trash is Another's treasure The initial idea happened just over two Years ago with a light bulb moment So I was given a cafetier for Christmas And I was brewing my own coffee in the Morning and having brewed it I had all These residual coffee grounds left over

With nowhere to put them I was just Throwing them into the bin so I thought You know imagine how many people drink Coffee every day it must be a huge Amount of waste in fact 500 000 tons of Sent to landfill every year in the UK Alone and so I started reaching out to Coffee shops and asked them what they do Of their coffee grounds and in fact they Pay the council to dispose of them we Now collect from approximately 70 small Chain and independent coffee shops in London taking away their used coffee Grounds and transforming them into our First range which we call For the Love Of scrub this range launched in November Of 2016. it's a range of four naturally Centered exfoliating coffee scrubs like All of our products they are vegan They're cruelty free and they are made In the UK Our existing product ranges are stocked In the likes of Whole Foods Planet Organic as nature intended and Topshop And so far we have secured a Distribution in eight European countries We also have lots of other products to Look forward to in the near future we Are looking for 50 000 pound investment In exchange for a two percent share of Our business and furthermore we would Like to invite dragons to help us Mentor Us and guide us and help to grow the Business

At this stage I'd love to invite you to Come to experience our coffee scrubs and Try them out onto the back of your hand [Music] A plan to turn muck into brass from Brother and sister William and Anna Breitman so we've used a whipped up shea Butter in the scrubs which get them into That mousse like consistency they're Offering a two percent share in their Planet-friendly skin care business in Return for 50 000 pounds okay there we Go thank you that's quite bizarre Here's just a small selection of our Rain thank you Ethically minded investor Deborah meaden Appears an instant fan So thank you very much and actually We've all been comparing ham Han looks decidedly better than that Hand So my husband I was about to exaggerate And say uses a coffee scrub every day he Doesn't use it every day but I would say At least twice a week I go into the Shower and think what is all that in the Bottom of the shower tray there but he Uses a coffee scrub what is it that Makes your business different to those Businesses So the first point of difference that is Completely unique to optia as a brand is The fact that we are repurposing our Core ingredients yes you can find other

Coffee scrubs on the market but you Won't find them made from coffee grounds That people have thrown away so there's That repurposed ethical standpoint which We put at the Forefront of our business So in terms of the actual business side Of things how much are you selling Sure Um so the first nine months which took Out to the end of 2016 we sold 13 000 Pounds worth of product After that we did 120 000 pounds uh this Year we're aiming up towards about 550 000 pounds of sales So big John let's focus on this year why Do you think you're going to grow to 550 And what's the evidence so far so we've Got an agreement with waitrose uh first Of July will launch in 200 stores And based on what they have suggested Around rate of sale and what to expect That underpins the majority of that Forecast [Music] Whilst I appreciate what you've done You've got a product to Market and it's Really quite ingenious what you've come Up with there's quite a few issues here This one for me I opened it but it Leaked Sure It's a it's a problem and also the the Printing's off And then when I open the next one whilst

It looks good on the surface and then I Open the exfoliating mask the cat Doesn't even work properly Also when you look at that it's not even Straight Sure the level of quality and diligence That you've done before you've put a Product into the market is actually poor Foreign Drawbacks of going in and basically just Selling [Music] So for example take your point Absolutely on the tubes for example That's why we're moving to aluminum and That's why it will have a seal yeah but I would leak you know I do a lot of this Stuff but it feels like you've you've Had an opportunity you've seen it and Basically you've just rushed it through As fast as you can Straight off I'll tell you your Valuation is crazy right I mean it's Just ludicrous actually You've got a lot of competition out There Just being on shelf does not sell you The product What is your year-to-date sales at the Moment it's around 55 000 no more sorry 75. where's that sales being generated Almost a third is from Scandinavia the Product sale particularly well Particularly in Finland and we've been

Contacted by the likes of anthropology Uh Holland and Barrett Dubai Bahrain and That could be another transformational Piece to the business all this interest Is Pie in the Sky frankly for what I'm Concerned And I think The Branding looks a bit all Over the place You've got this big logo it needs to fit Better right now it doesn't My first reaction your brand your name That alone I think just puts people off I thought is it an eye product So that was my first reaction Okay I guess for us we thought it quite Nicely and succinctly tied together what Makes us different which is of course That's going to haunt you for a long Time In their haste to hit the shelves the Young entrepreneurs appear to have Neglected some business basics But will Jenny Campbell see enough Promise in their pitch to overlook the Problems You know you have something here you can See that with the level of interest in The sales and I love the ethical side And the recycling side as well Well there are gaps here in branding and Quality and there is so much to do here So then to come in as two and a half

Million valuation offering two percent It's just Way Off the Mark here So I'm out okay thank you thanks William and Dana have lost their first Dragon Deborah meaden was their investor of Choice so will her initial enthusiasm Translate into an offer of cash A lot of the things you do I absolutely Love you've got a lovely product that is Deeply ethical yeah I have a children's range it's actually Not these products but it would be in Toiletries and we own the factory we've Got the you know I've got the whole Ethical thing sorted out and I can well Imagine put those two together there's Your there's your production sorted yeah And you know But there are some great Brands out There who cover a lot of what you're Doing off And you're gonna have to bring your Differentiation up much much stronger Therefore for me it's not a compelling Investment So I'm out [Music] A body blow for the duo as their most Natural partner walks away from the deal Will Tuka Suleiman be prepared to throw Them a lifeline All the things I'm hearing is you've got

A product It's been successful to a point you Rushed it And you've got to go back spend a lot of Money on rebranding repackaging It worries me Look I think you're very credible and You're at that crossroads yeah yes and Whatever steps you take next Is going to take you to the next level Yeah So I'm going to see where I stand I'm backing the pair of you because I Believe that we can make a brand much Bigger than it is so I'll make you an Offer Thank you I'll give you all of the money I want 30 percent Okay thank you thank you [Music] An unexpected offer for the beauty Entrepreneurs albeit one which means Giving up almost a third of their Business Plymouth Supremo tej lauvani is no Stranger to the Dynamics of a family-run Company But will he adopt William and Anna You know when you're right here with the Nature friendly beauty company It's a great statement You could own this space you know I Could help build this into a national International brand but of course

There's a price to pay So instead of offering you fifty Thousand pounds I'll off you seventy thousand pounds But I want forty percent of your company Thank you A second offer slightly more cash for a Massive 38 more Equity than the two Percent originally pitched Before making his decision Peter Jones Wants to find out if blood really is Thicker than water or in this case Coffee Your brother and sister yeah when was The last time you had an argument this Morning I think that's one of the beauties of Working in a family is that they are They I fall out for five seconds and That's it I never think it's done very Quickly The reason for asking is because you are A brother and sister Dynamic and when You're at the start of the journey Building a business need to understand How you're going to basically cohabit And really work together [Music] You're definitely incredibly investable As a team I think that this has quite huge Potential and I love the brand And that's why I'm going to make you the Best offer because I do believe in it

Thank you I'm going to offer you all of the money 50 000 pounds And I just want a teeny teeny teeny 25 Of the company okay thank you very much Thank you okay Just to spice things up a little bit I'll reduce my state to 22 and a half oh Guys Um as I should have a think about it but Um I'll revise my offer too I'll be willing to make it simple rather Than the 70 000 Etc I'll keep it 50 000 And I too will do it for 25 percent The siblings now have three competing Offers to consider A quite incredible turnaround given the Holes that the dragons had previously Picked in their business Would you be interested in Sharing Across three of you [Music] Yeah I'd rather eat the coffee scrub on My table than share it with another Dragon Okay I love the brand and what it stands for And what it could be yeah so We've already had disagreements two of The dragons from my right don't actually Like your brand so I don't want to share This opportunity Look guys I think you know the reason I Asked for that type of equity was

Because I think you'll need a lot of Help with this so I'll share it on the Basis uh at 15 percent Right which would mean together it would Be 30 percent If you want 15 each now as far as the Brand is concerned I've given my views But this is your company But I think you will get a dynamic duo You know I've got a bad option you've Got a choice between Batman and Robin or Superman Okay Off we go how long do we have two Minutes okay it's the Caped Crusader and Boy wonder versus the Man of Steel Make the right choice now and William And Anna's business could truly take Flight [Music] Sure okay Okay Um so obviously thank you very much for All of your offers I think for us The value is probably from having two Dragons working together with us So we would be interested in working With two current age but either Structuring it in a way that we can Either buy back the shares condition it On certain targets being hit or based on When you earn your money back [Music] Foreign

[Music] At 15 each And you would match that [Music] I'll match that Okay great Thank you Okay okay From the den to the bat cave success for William and Anna who leave with 50 000 Pounds and the backing of their very own Dynamic duo Oh My God That is one incident where Batman and Robin beat Superman well done guys So we've taken two superheroes to Remember that Foreign Dragons My name is Lisa C and this is my twin Helen C and we're from the award-winning Restaurant and cookery School Sweet Mandarin in Manchester We seek an investment of 50 000 pound For 20 equity in our source business Look at these sources dragons don't they Look exciting new and different But lost sources have no MSG no Artificial colorings and no wheat and They're perfect for the gluten-free Market Now who better tell our family story Than my sister Helen thanks Lisa dragons

Let me introduce you to my grandmother Lily Kwok she sets at one of the first Chinese restaurants in Manchester where She served these wonderful sources and We still serve them today at Sweet Mandarin Lisa is so proud of these horses as the Head chef that she even put her face on Them Dragons did you know that the dipping And condiments Market was worth Approximately 600 million pounds growing At a rate of 16 year and year and did You know that the free from Market is Worth around 200 billion pounds There are many things in this world that Divide us but one thing that unites us Is food so without further Ado I would Love to invite you to our family table To try our sources thank you [Music] A pitch to get the taste buds tingling From mancuni and twin sisters Lisa and Helen C that's it What's this one barbecue Feel free to begin To expand their gluten-free dipping Sauce business they need 50 000 pounds On offer in return is a 20 stake it's Very versatile we have to teach with all Different yeah it's a few times One Dragon certainly being thorough in The testing Will Hillary today be the same in the

Questioning I'm Hilary hi happy sources are Beautiful absolutely beautiful Um tell me about the company today well Today Hillary we've sold over 2000 Bottles uh We've made about six thousand Pound And the gross profit is five thousand Pound Have you got any projections going Forward For year one we're projecting three Hundred thousand pound with a net profit Of hundred thousand pound year two six Hundred thousand pound with a net profit Of three hundred thousand pound And where do you plan on going with the Business Um we've um just finished the salsa Accreditation Which all the main supermarkets need but We've already had interest from a Multiple which store Morrisons oh right Right and they've agreed to talk to us Once we've passed it and we've just Passed it this week Excellent Well dog thank you [Music] Tasty product and interest from a Supermarket it's a good start Theo perfetus wants to know more about The likable entrepreneurs Goes can I ask you you've got a

Successful restaurant Do you own a restaurant it's owned by me Helen and Janet Three Sisters okay Turnover Last year we made about 480 000 pounds It's a half million quid yeah They make a profit we did yes last year Profit we made about 150 000. right We actually competed in the competition And in 2009 we beat 10 000 restaurants In the UK to win best local Chinese Restaurant which was with Gordon Ramsay So just to clarify are you offering Investment in everything or you're just Getting investment in the source we are Asking for investment in the source in The source so literally new company that Source yes so what roles do you play so There's three sisters all involved in The business Well I'm mainly the chef your Chef yeah I'm in front of house and John is a Full-time mum at the moment And have you put any cash in to start The business we did we put about ten Thousand pound in so ten thousand each Or ten thousand is a group just my life Savings okay just your like just your Life savings said Zoe just my life Saving so ten thousand pounds It's a confident performance so far from Lisa and Helen Peter Jones famously Invested in a similar product will he be Tempted to add this one to his Source

Portfolio Lisa Helen hello I think you've done an amazing job You've got a business it's fantastic But I think there's a lot of confusion Over the brand Are you Sweet Mandarin The Source or are You the famous restaurant I also think that your level of Uniqueness at the moment is not good Enough And when you go to have negotiations With the suppliers that are going to Take this product to Market that's going To be a very key consideration to them It's not good enough to make money It won't cut it So I'm going to say that I'm out A damning assessment and an early Setback for the full on looking sisters Now will Duncan bannatyne be able to Ignore his Rivals concerns Um Lisa Helen you said you sold 2 000 Bottles today about 2 400 something Right Anything else Well Um we also have the leading Um Chinese Grocers to all the Restaurants Um which is Wing yip they have ordered With us 50 Cases per source per week starting off That contract alone is worth 250 000.

Um This is um this is interesting Um and then we've also got the multiple Who we've talked to Straightway the senior buyers picked it Up and like I said they've been in talks With us as well you're getting it Literally hot off the press Um Right Based on the fact that you've done so Much and so much success I just feel I've got me an offer So let me suggest I offer you fifty Thousand pounds 40 of the company How did you feel about that Um Sirens Helen's emotions take a U-turn as The revelations rescue their investment Dreams but at a cost twice the level of Equity they wanted to give away Can they draw out a better offer from Hilary duvet How did you get in with wind gear They've had lots of customers asking for It and we bought an appointment to meet With the directors and we pitched to Them as well They tried our sources they were won Over by the product the quality of the Taste and they know that we can deliver I think you've got something I like you I like your enthusiasm

Thank you and I think I could add value To you I will match Duncan's offer Because I'd like to work with you And I think we'd have a bit of fun along The way It's two offers Um you're definitely investable So what I need to think about is can I Better their offers And the basis if you've got two of us at 40 percent I'm just not going to be able to put a Counter offer to you I'm out Two offers but both are for nearly half Their company and the twins have just One Dragon left [Music] I actually think this is a market where You have got to sell huge amounts To get any sensible Return on your investment at the moment You're saying you're going to sell to Somebody like Morrisons and I guess any Of the big multiples how much does it Sell for We make them 50p we would sell it in for About 80 to 90 P okay My worry is I Don't think you're going to get anything Like the margins you think you're going To get because as you get into the big Multiples they're going to squeeze and Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until

You're left with very small percentages And therefore I don't get the return on My investment So I'm out thank you Could we ask you Um Would you be prepared to work together We'll get a deal yes Well done well done Helen and Lisa have done it they've Agreed to part with more of their Business but they do have two Influential Dragon investors on board [Music]

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