Touker Suleyman’s Funniest Moments In The Den | COMPILATION | Dragons’ Den

Tuka sir hi pleasure to have you here my Pleasure I'm going to say amongst the Dragons I'm going to call you the wild Card Would you agree with that Say I'm a little bit wild card if ever There's anything uh physical to be done In the den you tend to be the first up Out of your seat First out of his chair is have a go Dragon Tuka Suleiman swiftly followed by Tej lalvani both keems try out Adele Smith's premium baking kits for kids He's a Piping Bag each so they get I Thought it was gonna look no I thought I Thought you might like to get involved It's really easy she's offering 20 of Her cake company in return for a tasty 80 000 pounds investment oh he's getting Creative now he's got the cocktail Sticks there and everything but hey Fantastic thank you very much did I So all the items here A little flat pack including the bed And the bed as well yeah everything you Do the whole lot in under 10 minutes Let's go to bed What happened there you broke the bed oh Sorry Um I guess yeah don't worry we'll put Any noise to you later that looks Dangerous well this is looks dangerous If you have a slight issue here we left One of supports oh really oh wait

Because these are the initial only Prototypes we have I'm sure about that Yes I can show you the brackets where There's a missing support I tell you what That's only one of me I'd like to be two Of us in a bed like that but I mean I Guess Would you be doing gymnastics So the one of the unique selling points Is that oh it's going to break it [Applause] Sorry guys and we do tests Yeah Wow Two casulliman's unconventional product Road test has left the entrepreneurs With a patch up job we've got a Nominated dragon that always comes up And tries baby products and that's Quicker Try not to break it too far I will try it okay I'll try [Music] Planet friendly multifunctional system For babies is the product on offer from Sophie Hepworth Amazing quality thank you whenever I see Baby products I get triggered because I Just know I'm gonna have to listen to Tuka for an hour I'm quite big in the baby business so Have you sold any babies not two babies But to their parents

You probably know I'm in a baby business I certainly do two currents baby carrier Combined with clothing it's just like All of your expertise rolled into one Interesting now that one's not gonna fit But maybe for your kids Suleiman couldn't resist throwing a few Shapes Could definitely looks like he has the Best moves on the floor yes definitely Your clubbing days are not over Time I think we've done just chosen Chose to not be a success selling socks Free took a Time The success of this business is crucial To our future Financial Security [Music] Have you ever been to Peru No first dragon to brush up on the Business is manufacturing Mogul to Casulliman what's it help yeah all right Let's go how to push down and pull up When it's up right tell me what I should Do would you rather pull the tree up or Push down on the Jaws I mean I'll push The tree up okay great I'm not going to Get that are you ready yep oh here we go I've got the tree we're in a thousand Pound Soother are you insured no well You're going to get sap on it get on There now okay push it further up Towards me a little bit you ready down Oh oh still not quite straight Pull It Forward a bit it would have the stand

Will hold it however you put it in right Oh really um And Bree is he breathing I'm not sure That's yogurt do you want a bit pink Tuka Um can you get help can I get up of Course Hey hey What's happened there that's it whoops Easily done Oh who's looking for 90 000 pounds in Return for a 20 share of his business Oh yeah Colorful pitch from cat face Entrepreneur Mariette Immaculate I now Crown you The queen of all the hairs She's hoping to tease 80 000 pounds out Of the dragons can we get some music Going guys [Music] In return she's offering a 10 cutter per Company [Music] [Laughter] Two casiliman has provided the Entertainment I don't know who had more Fun to call us Sit on the front edge He's looking for a 75 000 pound Investment for 15 of his big boy beanbag Business as I'm the oldest here I Shouldn't be the most comfortable the Entrepreneur is seeking 70 000 pounds in

Return for a 15 share in his business Self-confessed romantic to kusuliman Gets straight to the point I'm the only bachelor Dragon here oh Perfect but I must admit I've never been on a online date I mean With all due respect I wouldn't Necessarily say our Target demographics In regards to not necessarily your age That wasn't an offensive problem are you Saying I'm sure no because you're no You're saying you're confident so you're Saying I'm confident enough to go on a First date there's a further people out There who aren't confident enough to go Out in these dates you want the old man To show you so get some gloves get some Pounds pounds it's a pitch with punch From Charles Burr and Jerry kryloving Who are offering five percent of their Boxing performance tracker in return for Fifty thousand pounds [Laughter] And are there I hope I'm right with your Card Whoa he's offering a five percent equity Stake in his online greeting card Business thank you for calling me The old dragon [Laughter] Breathing fire We are here to ask you the dragons for a Hundred thousand pounds to help us boost Our Marketing in the UK

And in return we are offering you one Percent of our business One percent yes one percent yes One percent yes one percent I didn't get out of [Music] You don't know about me do you I don't Get out of bed for one and a half You've done your homework about me Haven't you I have I know you don't get out of every one Percent yeah so I'm assuming if I want To invest you'll accommodate Um We're here we're here to make a deal Yeah The den has had a heavy metal makeover Guitar out get the band out this whole Pick Up All right [Music] [Music] [Applause] Investors have sampled some serious Global grub is that hot it's all hot I'm Hot so I'll go and try some in the whole Tray no no just grab one let's grab one [Music] 65 percent The Distillery is a real blocker for me Just add it to water yep okay and What's that one sent equity Doesn't look like the healthy drink is

Tatuka suleiman's palette I've cut back On the Alcohol what I can't comment on That turkey you're not into alcohol you Have a drink every single time I go out With you It's a bit of salt purposes you really Enjoy the process of being in the den it Looks like you do Well I'm there I might as well have fun With it yeah I'm giving away my money so On that basis let's let's make the most Of it

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