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Foreign Hi I'm Rob Hill project manager product Developer for ladder box UK we're a Father and son team we're here today to Offer you 15 accuracy for a hundred Thousand pound now I'm going to hand you Over to Dad now who's going to explain Our invention so every to you Dan okay Cheers hi I'm Jeff Hill and I'm very Pleased to meet your eminent selves now As an electrician and electrical Contractor you walk up the steps like so And you've got this small area on top so You put your tools down like that oh no Not that again and I thought hang on a Minute why don't I invent a portable Toolbox that fits all different types of Steps and ladders hey that'd be a great Product fantastic I've got all of some Design guys and we came up with This There we go again this is the unique Ingenious ladder box the Omni portable Toolbox in the world that fits all Different types of steps and ladders It's ideal for all trading DIY Applications okay what a great product As it stands on its own I'm going to Introduce you to the amazing paint Insert which is a leader paint Kettle so You simply slot that in that okay so It's accessible you can see the use of This also it's going to be sold as Accessory so you can buy you know two or

Three for different color paints now can You direct questions at me regarding Patterns finances and sales Um and so any questions please folks [Music] Team Rob and Jeff Hill Thousand pound investment for their Ladder box a patented toolbox that Attaches onto most types of ladders Theoper fetus gets straight down to Business Rob yeah how much have you spent on this Awesome uh We've spent a hundred thousand pounds so Far on this product and you've got a Pattern we've got a full European Patterns there's been no objections Nothing no no it's been granted and who Have you sold it to dad over to Dad yeah Over to me I would say Rob's got the Facts and figures but you caught me out That's fine I do know that it's been Sold too otherwise I shouldn't be here Anyway we've sold to a company called uh Gap the Distributors are they they're Distributors yeah but they also have Huge retail outlets so give me the Number so we sold them an order of 250 They sold the Thousand no this is we've Got to explain this we've been doing This is a marketing product this has Been marked nine months we've been Marketing yeah do you know what I'm Struggling with cool the stereo sorry

Sorry let me tell you we've also sold to A company in Salford and they've had 550 Over a couple of months so how many of You sold in total over 2 000 how much do They cost you to make Rob over to you Yeah uh landed three pounds 75 and You're selling them to the church about Five pound fifty five fifty to the trade And their retail at 14.95 it's a very Good Mark up there as you can see The Duo's cheerful enthusia How many have you got left uh about a Thousand you get a thousand in a garage Yeah when did the land what is the land Uh about ten months ago you've had them 10 months we are running a property Business which we're committed to now we Have to finance this project as you know The cost of patents to support Rob Rob Rob I'm thinking the reason you haven't sold Them is because you can't sell them Because no I disagree with you the Thousand I can sell as with any new Contact this needs to get to Market it Needs to get a recognized household name Um okay Rob just give me Just because I'm confused because I Actually think it's a great idea okay it Sort of does the job it's simple it's Easy it's fairly well priced yeah what Are the key objections that you're Getting when you're sending it out to People we're it's it's we've trickled

Through a lot we've learned from the Start and nine months since I've been on The project please just make it really Simple for me yeah either people say yes I'll take 500 or they say no uh with a Very we've we've approached to a very Big Tool company now they promised us a Lot okay but don't give me a story I Just want to know give me some tangibles Like it's too expensive it doesn't work Why do you think it hasn't been as Successful as you'd hoped basically I've Learned along the way and I just want to Know I've got it please please please I Just want to know in real simple English Yeah what are the simple objections that You've been getting I haven't had Objections Robin Jeff's lack of clarity means the Dragons are struggling to elicit the Information they require Deborah meaden tries a different tag When you go in and you try to sell these To people what are they selling that is Like this Uh the competition is a very simple tray Now it's a metal mechanically fixing it Fixes basically just yeah I've seen it Just what else is that repetition 20 Pounds what else is very small accessory Trays which will hang mechanically on a Run and what else is the competition so You've given me two of us there isn't Well my electrician goes up his ladder

Yeah Absolutely and seems quite yeah you try To carry spotlights you can't carry Light fittings you can't carry pirates In a tall Belt look I just want to know What is better I've got a good amount of Goods in it um I mean can't come in just Come in here the market for this for People using tools or steps and lovers Quite a good Market Nice Guys please Just did what did I ask that you can put Lots of spotlights guys you've got a Great opportunity here can I suggest you Get your act together right okay can I Understand it okay Take a deep breath take a deep breath Breathe out Do you know you started off being fun Sorry You are here asking people for 100 000 Pounds of their money so you have to Take that seriously if you don't take That seriously I don't believe you're Going to take my money seriously no we Do too so I'm afraid you haven't helped Yourself so I'm out I respect your Opinion Deborah The amusement with which the dragons Initially greeted Robin Jeff has now Turned into irritation Theoper fetus goes back to basics Do you have a business plan yes to sell As many as we possibly can so the Business plan is to sell as many as you

Can we're currently across this industry And we've got some numbers yeah we're Projecting uh uh sorry about this Numbers were there A 30 000 units a month what we're going To turn over uh turnover would be 600 000 which is a profit three hundred Thousand oh God 200 000 sorry 200 000 Units a year I'm projecting yeah you're Gonna make waiting profit and that the Profit's 150 first year what we're going To do second year 300. well how many so No no don't talk to him I'm talking About you okay just give me the answers And you can talk to him all day for all I care yeah I think they know the Answers of course he knows the answers He's come here to ask me for a hundred Thousand pounds or 15 of his business And you're telling me he doesn't know What he's projecting to be honest we Can't know entirely can we exactly Well tell me what you're projecting what He's saying Peter I'm not I'm not making It up what are you projecting year two Year two what actual units anything Whatever you've got tell me yeah yeah Two turnover yeah was one 0.2 right a Profit 600 000. 300 000. all right and you're three and I'm finished yes two point four two Point for lovely I knew you had it in There somewhere I did I did and give me The profit six hundred thousand six

Hundred thousand so it's 153. I Apologize I have got I knew you had them In there so yeah I've got the figures Peter I don't think Peter even wants to talk To me do you know He even knows what you think You think of thinking Of you just thinking no no no sorry I Don't know whether it's been a pleasure To meet you or not I've enjoyed it Jeff And Rob yeah I mean I'm out Father and son's shambolic bid for the Dragon's money takes another blow as They lose a second investor Duncan Banatine is now ready to declare his Position When you bought these 10 months ago you Didn't know that paint thing did you no No because we've been working no you Didn't so what happened is you got these In you couldn't sell so you thought I Tell you what no we'll do a paint thing And you've invented that yeah one of you Had that Dad about uh there's my Conscience about four months so for six Months you couldn't sell that so then You thought of the painting and you Brought in that that was my you know Rob Yeah Rob I'm not stupid When you walked in today I actually Thought great idea I I absolutely get it On the ladder yeah but you've made this

So confusing I was probably more excited Before you'd open your mouth Okay I'm out okay [Music] Rob and Jeff have blown it it's left to Theoper fetus to deliver the final Verdict You've got to stop and think about what You're saying and what you're doing and You've shown today the total disregard For anybody else in this room other than Your ideas the whole idea of you being Here is to bring us along on your Exciting ride of a profitable product Yeah if you just stopped to listen Earlier on you to realize that actually Somewhere down the line you might Just might I've got something into Winter bit wrong I ain't gonna repeat what everybody else Has said okay and the last comment I'm Going to make is I'm Out fantastic thank you very much thank You yeah it's that way it's that way Good stuff yeah you're around for a Drink Oh that's all right yeah I said you Weren't all bad Cheers [Music] They cannot possibly know what they've Agreed to do with each other because They've never they can't listen to each

Other either but you know what you can Probably search the whole of the UK and Never find two people like that again Unique [Applause]

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