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And first to face Peter Jones and the Rest of the Dragons a former stand-up Comedian who's Gone full circle with his Latest invention I used to do a lot of Jokes about poop and now I'm literally Designing products to pick up doggy poop We can do it looks like a half cut Tennis ball Fiery investors bear their teeth today Darren has a trick up his sleeve from His time on the stage I used to deal with a lot of Hardcore Hacklers and the way I dealt with that Was to imagine everybody's naked so Dragons you're all naked Darren's moments away from bearing all About his business Bring the house down in the den [Music] Hello dragons my name is Darren Raphaiser my company's Noble pass Limited and we design Innovative pet Products we're looking for 50 000 Pounds Sterling for a 10 equity in our company We have lots of products I've got the Nest and gold it's a pet bed travel System all you do is close it up like This here it's got straps inside of it To keep it shut even as a strap here for Putting the seat belt in we also have Gutter hose dog brush it's got long Fingers on it for really massaging the Studs out of the dog but what I'm here To show you today is our pooper scooper

Party math comes with two sizes big for Big trips and small for small poops it's Got a patented mechanism that allows the Biodegradable bags to come through it Like a tongue so I just wrap the bag Around the bar like this And I've got some poop I made earlier That's okay it's made from sugar cocoa And oats tastes quite good But I hate it this guy's eating it so I Pick up the poop Seals in the bag quite nicely it's got Magnetic teeth that keeps its shut and Then you double seal it by closing it in Here I have a box of poop for each of You to try out but it's all right you've Got a puttymath in there as well thank You very much [Music] A range of pet products fronted by an Innovative pooper scooper is the Offering Darren Lewis Pfizer hopes we'll Scoop up an investment today how are Poops in there yes it does taste quite Good he's seeking 50 000 pounds in Return for a 10 stake in his business See pull it out yeah So uh don't worry after the first two or Three times you get it perfect I got the Hang of it first off are you a genius Tuka Suleiman may have claimed the prize Of entrepreneur's pet but tej laalvani Is wondering if pets of the four-legged Variety were the driving force behind

Darren's doggy designs What made you come up with these Products I presume you've got lots of Dogs flatter dogs a lot of kids okay A lot of poop in my house there so I'm Sitting in the garden drinking a glass Of wine in my dress again and my two Oldest kids are picking up snails with a Tennis ball was broken And he fell off my chair and I was like There you go wow so is your kid's Inspiration to create the poopa scuba Yeah Um what has got you to this point in Your life where you're coming up with These types of inventions What have you done previously what's Your day job before I started I had my Own product design company we did it for 15 years and I used to design products For other people so I decided it's about Time I started about the products which I can launch can you give some examples Of some products that you've created That have been successful that we might Recognize one was called the lateralum And what's that it's a shark with a Rubber end in it you stick it into a Ladder you hang a bucket on it oh okay I'm here didn't it you did yeah yeah so He was he was one of my customers he Actually said to say hello Peter really But you did the product design for you Yeah it's a product design and we and we

Had to get the manufacturing form and we Also helped them introduce the Distributors as well fantastic and I Think he actually he caught it in B and Q and so forth brilliant The entrepreneurs previous track record In product design has clearly impressed Peter Jones Now wants to get stuck into the numbers To find out if there's any brass where There's muck Tell me what are your sales so far Was made last January and we've sold About forty thousand dollars worth of That product to you big us distributor a Focus first in the USA because I knew People that had were big Distributors There and that would be interested and What is your monthly rate of sale of That product right now uh well at the Moments uh the distributor bought a load Of them and he's currently selling them So he's testing the product at the Moment so it's still quite new so you Don't know the weight of sale at the Moment But it was last year by now you should Have something tell you the truth that Particular product has been a little bit Slow because we haven't really put too Much money in marketing So tell me about the UK Market Amazon The UK we probably sold about 50 or 60 Units

So there hasn't really been huge sales In the last in the last uh yeah Really Why do you think that is why is it not Selling uh really I think it's student Marketing you know when you put the Poopa scooper on there there is lots of Other group scoopers that come up so Really when I start focusing on Marketing I drive the sales and that Have you got any other Distributors Internationally apart from your us Distributor no I haven't have you tried have you no Actually I haven't I've been so focused On developing the products that I Haven't really been pushing it that hard The plan is to create lots of multimedia Lots of video you've got lots of plans But you need to start doing them you've Sold one order to a distributor in the US but I haven't seen any evidence that It's selling through and there's a Demand for this So today it's not really going to be an Investment for me I'm out Darren's pet product pitch is proving Anything but a walk in the park as the Poor sails so far lead to tej lalvani Becoming the first dragon to bow out Is dog lover Peter Jones poised to get The entrepreneur's proposal back on Track

I think it's a neat idea I walk three Dogs so I've got three different leads Honestly I'm like Mr Bean on a walk Because I'm tangled up with the dogs one Dog wants to go one thing there's a Rabbit going one way and they all want To hair off but the thing is I just feel That that's a bit big If I had three of those it'd be like a Ball and chain for dogs Yeah well uh I have to have that Complaint so far uh Well you wouldn't know though you Haven't had feedback because you've sold 40 000 to another country that you're Not tracking the sales of That's true I'm gonna just see where I Am you're a really creative guy And you know well done for getting a Great business for yourself But it's not something that I'm going to Invest in today I'm out Darren hi Your dog bed I think is really neat and Really nicely designed so that's great But this piece here I don't like it It's actually a very fiddly B I've got big dogs four big dogs there Is no way if that wasn't us really solid Neat poo there is no way that would pick It up because there isn't much body to That so if you're trying to actually Scrape it kind of doesn't

Most dog poo I can assure you is gonna Struggle So I'm afraid I won't be investing I'm out Darren I don't believe you are the full Package And there is a lot of other work needs To go around The inventor To make the successful business That comes at a cost And the problem is the cost that that Comes at Means that I would need to take too much Of your business to make it feel Comfortable for me to do that So I won't be investing I'm out Inventors pooper scooper offering Falls Foul of three more dragons meaning that Any hopes of picking up investment now Rests solely with Tuka Suleiman he's Building a portfolio of pet businesses As the inventor's product range piqued His interest 12 months ago I said to myself I want to be in the pet industry And the area that I'm lacking is Development new products and you know I Think what interests me is you all right It's the fact that you've got all these Ideas [Music] I think combined

We could do something I can help you with your sourcing Distribution and all you've got to focus Is creating product I'm going to make you an offer I will offer you all of the money 35 percent Two gasolinemen eyes the makings of a Productive partnership and tables and Offer The 35 of the business Is three and a half times more Equity Than the ten percent that's up for grabs Leaving Darren with a difficult decision Uh 25's alive It is a lot Look I know I know what I can bring to The party I could catapult this business Is there any negotiation I'll tell you what I'll do Is if I get my money back within 18 Months I'll drop to 30 percent Will take the Pet Market by storm I know Yeah I think we could So for that reason I think that I'd like To go to the deal great thank you very Much I'm very excited to work with you Well done very excited success for the Former stand-up comedian as he walks Away with the 50 000 pounds he asked for And a dragon on board who can Propel his Pet product proposition into the big Time

Doing style of comedy and doing the Dragon's Den the Dragon's Den was Definitely more intimidating God's not Lucky enough I didn't imagine any the Naked this time

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