“What Makes You Think That A Yellow Label’s Worth £1M?” | Dragons’ Den #shorts

Great advantages of this and firstly They come in hugely horrendous colors Your bag will never get lost if you try To tear it it is virtually impossible He's done incredibly well I've never Managed to tell one but after Peter Jones taught Ian's product to Pieces Duncan bannatyne ripped into his Valuation but what makes you think that A big yellow label is worth a million Pound you make an awful lot of money on Them because we buy them quite cheaply They'll sell fairly expensively with a Very good margin in between So you're expecting me to put up 200 000 Pounds and how much have you put up so Far just a few hundred parts the dragons Never got to grips with his figures if I Invest 200 000 pound in this yes I'd Need about 400 percent of equity don't Waste my time if you're not interested a Snappy Ian was soon sent packing by a Disgruntled Deborah meaden frankly Ian You have completely wasted my time I Guess you know where I'm going yes and

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