When The Sharks Hate The Taste Of Your Product 😳 🤢 #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

This will be a very short pitch if we Can't the can is just a prototype that Means pre-sales right it does four Million valuation huh or no Revenue Please What do you want to start with you so Dark first okay first So this dark chocolate we are targeting The dairy alternatives [Music] I do not like that at all heart do you Drink dark chocolate do you eat dark Chocolate I eat dark chocolate you do Yeah it's just I mean I didn't love it okay so when Mark threw up on it I liked the club There's a distinct dryness after you Swallow it on my tongue there's a little Funky chicken thing going on there Because I know what chocolate milk Tastes like it's one of my greatest Weaknesses and I would love to get away From the calories

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