When You Need To Have A TOUGH Love Conversation With Mr Wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ #Shorts | Shark Tank US

Behalf here that we would love to show You guys this actually helps grow hair Yes well yes I'm impressed by you now we're having a Tough love discussion it's about money I Want to make money 37 is too rich can You meet me in the middle at 25 no no no No where I'm going to make 2 million This year and go on to make 5 10 and Make sure that we get to 100 million Dollars because that's what businesses Of our Rank and size have done and I Want you to be part about that you have To make a decision but 37 is way too High there's no way to get that much What are some of your ideas what would You do to essentially help us now you Got to sell yourself yeah exactly saw Myself I have four hundred thousand dollars you Don't

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