When You Want The Sharks Money But Won’t Tell Them What Your Product Is 😬 #Shorts | Shark Tank AUS

You you said you had a Peyton going is That right I have a patent yeah right so Excellent so you can tell us how it Works then uh no Why not you have a paint like there are Limits to what I can tell you Well this type of product if I was to Tell you too much about it Then everybody and his dog would be Would be producing this I'm sorry but I Do know that in order to register a pain You actually have to tell people about It It's not a trade secret you don't lock It in a safe when you do a painting it Actually goes into a database that People can search right not not when It's a provisional patent Dave so Rodney telling us that you're Not going to tell us how it works but You want us to invest in it yes If you have paint protection you have Paint protection you're fine that's You're fine you are you are covered so Unless we can discover more about it Let's hope let's talk more about the Next 30 seconds I've got an answer for You real quick David yep

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