Why ‘I Don’t Really Think You Need The Money’ Pitch Stunned Dragons’ Den Investors

Possible intro: When the founders of an ethical clothing brand entered the Dragons’ Den, a popular TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to wealthy investors, they expected some tough questions and negotiation. However, they were not prepared for one of the Dragons to declare, “I don’t really think you need the money,” and drop out of the deal. This unexpected reaction sparked a heated debate among the remaining investors and got viewers at home talking. In this post, we’ll analyze why this pitch stunned Dragons’ Den investors and what lessons entrepreneurs can learn from it.


Pitching a business idea on Dragons’ Den can be a daunting task. The entrepreneur has only a few minutes to pitch their idea, answer the Dragons’ questions, and impress them enough to secure an investment. However, when Charlotte and Sean, the founders of Superyou, pitched their organic superfoods business, they stunned the Dragons with their response to a tough question. This article will explore their incredible journey to starting Superyou, their unique business proposition, and how their pitch caught the attention of the Dragons.

The Beginning of Superyou

Charlotte’s health journey began in 2013 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease. This medical diagnosis encouraged her and her partner, Sean, to explore healthier alternatives to their diet. They began creating smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables and started incorporating superfoods to enhance their nutrition. They noticed a significant improvement in their overall health, energy levels, digestion, and focus. This sparked their entrepreneurial spirit, and they decided to turn their newfound passion into a business.

Developing Superyou

With the help of industry professionals, Charlotte and Sean created their range of superfood blends and launched Superyou in 2017. Their business model focuses on e-commerce, utilizing their website and Amazon to sell their products. The smoothie blends and powders are a staple for a range of consumers, including fitness enthusiasts, busy professionals, and health-conscious individuals. However, Superyou’s hero products are their mushroom coffee and clean greens blend, which are popular among consumers.

Dragons’ Den Pitch

In 2021, Charlotte and Sean appeared on Dragons’ Den, seeking a £50,000 investment in return for a 5% equity stake. Their charismatic pitch and innovative products impressed the Dragons. However, things took a surprising turn when a Dragon asked why they needed the money. Usually, entrepreneurs would explain how they intend to use the funds to scale their business, but Charlotte and Sean’s response stunned the Dragons. They replied that they didn’t really need the money, but they wanted a Dragon to help them take their business to the next level.

The Dragons were left speechless by this response and commended them for their honesty. The answer showed that they had a strong business plan and were invested in their company’s growth, making them an attractive investment prospect.

Business Success

Superyou’s sales experienced a surge during the lockdown period due to increased interest in healthy eating. The couple’s health battles gave them a personal insight into the benefits of their superfood blends, which is reflected in their products. They intend to launch the business in the US, meet with manufacturers and fulfillment centers, and continue spreading their message.


  1. What type of superfoods are included in Superyou’s blends?
    Superyou’s blends include a range of superfoods, such as turmeric, matcha, maca, and spirulina.

  2. How is Superyou’s business model unique?
    Superyou’s business model is unique as it focuses on e-commerce, utilizing their website and Amazon to sell their products.

  3. What are Superyou’s hero products?
    Superyou’s hero products include mushroom coffee and clean greens blend, which are popular among consumers.

  4. Who are the Dragons that invested in Superyou?
    Deborah Meaden, Sarah Davies, and Tuka Suleiman invested in Superyou after being impressed with their innovative products and business plan.

  5. What are Superyou’s future plans?
    Superyou’s future plans include launching their business in the US, meeting with manufacturers and fulfillment centers, and continuing to spread their message of healthy eating.


The story of Superyou’s journey and their pitch on Dragons’ Den highlights the importance of honesty, innovation, and a unique business model in securing investments. Charlotte and Sean’s health battles gave them a personal insight into the benefits of their superfood blends, which shows in their product range. Their honesty and strong business plan made them an attractive investment prospect for the Dragons. Superyou’s success validates the importance of a strong value proposition and a well-executed business model.

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