Why Is Snowwhite In The Tank? 🍎 #Shorts | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

Why are you dressed like Snow White Snow White always talk to animals and They never had the ability to talk back Have you talked to Snow White for the Animals to find out it's in the fairy Tale it's in the fairy tale He's not going to rip us the shreds if We don't do a deal is he well we do have A secret command for that so so Basically the app lets me record things I want my dog to say to me correct so I Could I could create a diet I love you Kevin I know it could be yes pick it up Yourself or it could be I'm going to pee On a fire hydrant now Well Michelle you have a five million Dollar evaluation no problem there Robert no no this thing makes dogs talk That's cheap Rubber And your sales are we've had over two Million dollars in sales in less than Six months old you sold two million Dollars of this crap You look amazing then in that outfit now Thank you

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