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First into the tank is a grown-up Version of a childhood favorite [Music] That just happened sharks my name is Tyler hadzicki my company is low racing Trikes and I'm here today seeking 120 000 in exchange for 20 of my company I've been wanting to spin to the tank Like that for a long time that's the Kind of excitement you get when you ride One of my trikes it's like a race car And a tricycle had a love child with Three wheels not only do you get Stability and speed but incredible Agility as well the rear wheels are Casters And can be controlled manually with this Handle to take tight Corners drift And even spin 360 degrees Sharks this is not just an adult Tricycle this is an experience unlike Anything else out there I'm ready to Take this to the world everyone wants to Come along for this crazy ride I gotta Try it is there any certain age for it What are you saying Lori young at heart I have two more back here oh come on Mark I'll race you Kevin and join them You have one big enough for Mark of Course these are fully adjustable I get A big ass head they still don't fit They're bumper cars they are now Can We got it looks like you're riding a

Little tricycle As you can see they're super durable They can crash under each other Perfect Lori you gotta try it I'd love to try it I'm in the skirt Tire was a lot of fun thank you Robert You're so low you feel like you're going A million miles an hour low racing Trikes right did you create this Yourself so this started off a long time Ago as a sixth grade stuff project the Teacher hated the idea because it wasn't Scientific enough but then when I went First place at the San Diego science Fair I guess she had to eat it what Happened after you won the award well I Had the first picture of the original Tricycle here and what I did was I went To the swap meet and I was cutting up Trike that's awesome So that's prototype one that's prototype One that one is science fair you've Improved it a lot how long did it take To go from there to this about four Years are you in college I'm a sophomore In college now you try to bring it to Market Kickstarter uh crowdfunding Platform what was your target my target Was fifteen thousand dollars raised Forty six thousand dollars so 300 of my Goal which was pretty cool there was 130 Orders I produced those all at my Facility I got those shipped out over

That year where's your facility we went To Mexico and set up a facility there With someone who's been building BMX Bikes for a while so I'm an International businessman under the age Of 18 with three patents And what did you charge per unit what Was your cost These are 350 dollars cost on these is About 170 180 to make it these are Pretty much handmade what I don't like Is I don't like making a whole bunch of These because every single one of them I Go down to Mexico I have to spend you Know eight hours a day testing a batch Of 40. that's how I do them and pack Them all make sure this paint's powder Coated correctly I don't want any bad Products going to the customer because It reflects poorly on me How are you going to sell 10 000 of These I can rent the larger facility Then I can hire the labor there are Facilities in Mexico and in Asia that Make millions of bikes why wouldn't you Simply go to one of them and say look I Want to get 10 000 of these made by you Well an easy thing though is you can Hire an inspector there are several very Credible Services Where they can go down have a protocol And they can't ship until those are Checked All these things are coming in place but

I need I want to test every single one Of them I don't want to let that go you Want to be personal responsible for each And every it's almost important At this point Then you've got to raise your pricing Tyler let me ask you this let me Understand a little bit about who buys The Buys usually parents for their kids Which are like you know 9 to 16 around There and then also it's the adult guy Kind of Robert I think you're a terrific kid oh man I Should say But I don't see this as in vegetables Very early in the game I think you have A long way to go before you get an Investment I'm out Thank you very much for your Consideration Barbara Tyler I I don't see this as an Investment for me because I don't know How I turn this into a huge business I'm Not sure you know yet But I'm out Thank you Kevin for your consideration Tyler you are a great example of an Entrepreneur one of the things I find Very admirable is that you wanted to Make sure that everything was perfect on The flip side of that though you're one Person who can't go and stand in the Factory and watch 40 made at a time I

Personally see it as a licensing deal Because I do think to scale you're going To need a big company that can do Exactly that I think that's a bit of a Ways away and for that reason I know Thank you Lord Tyler incredibly impressive For anybody at any age at your age Doubly impressive where you've gotten no One doubts you I doubt what the market Is if it's a tricycle you've got to Change the design it's too hardcore for General Distribution for kids to use if It's niche for hardcore people like me To love speed or older kids it's too Cheap I don't know how big that market Is but I think there's loads of toys in This space that are the kid friendly Write it in your your driveway kind of Thing and I think it fits there Obviously a brilliant guy you're going To invent something else I just don't Know where this one fits or how I can Help you I'm sorry Thank you Robert What's your next product Tyler My next product reason I asked about What's next is this I don't see this as You know selling yeah two million units Definitely right so if I'm investing in Your company there's got to be something Next because I want to make the Investment so we can get someplace else Together someplace bigger and better so

I think there's lots of stuff you can do With you know add-ons all that Customization kinds of things those will Increase your business on the margin That's not going to take you to a 25 Million dollar company I mean the Scooter sells seven million units in one Year one year but that that applies to Everybody and it gets you from point A To point B and it's fun look I think It's brilliant but I have to see a Vision from you right that takes it so It can be a much bigger company but um For right now I don't see it Tyler so For those Reasons I'm out Thank you Mark thank you thank you thank You I'm going to sell a lot on my Website and to the big box so that we Hope you do good luck thank you very Much thank you I'm a little bummed that they couldn't See my vision I don't think that it's a Toy And the fact that they wouldn't even Consider or listen to what I had to say About the market it was just rude almost

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