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Next up is a convenient and discreet Solution to an embarrassing problem [Music] The entrance on the throne oh my God Game of Thrones hello sharks I'm Tyler Jay and I'm seeking 150 000 for a 10 Stake in my company plop star Sharks I know we just met but I want to Talk to you about how you poop Like a lot of people if I was in the Privacy of my own home I wasn't Comfortable going number two because of The smell I might leave behind Traditional bathroom aerosols just mask The stench leaving a sticky film behind And a bathroom that smells like a stinky Rose garden and all these new drops and Sprays used before going number two are Cumbersome leak in a purse in a pant Pocket so I invented wait for it Plop star the world's most discreet and Portable toilet odor eliminator you each Plopstart tablet is individually wrapped For ideal portability so how does Popstar work just gently drop One tablet In the Bowl before your performance wait A few seconds before taking a seat pop Star starts dissolving instantly Releasing a buffer of essential oils on The surface of the water that block out The motors before they began so sharks Which one of you wants to partner with Us and start a movement

When the excrement goes below the Surface the the odorous gases are Trapped underneath the oil film surface Is that correct can I pass out some Samples yes samples please yes oh you're Bringing us water we can all plop okay Thanks buddy are there different flavors Or just one place there's this one Plopper so far we just go ahead plop it In yeah plop it in give it a drop It smells refreshing yeah There are several things that I know one I'm a man who likes to leave his mark Unbelievable The Prejudice that's the greatest out I've ever seen This has six packets in it what does it Sell for all right so we have two units Right now the six pack is called the Weekender we sell that for 4.99 and then Our 30 pack is 12.99 what are your sales Like right now we have twelve thousand Dollars in sales Your consumer doesn't seem to be loving This thus far or doesn't seem the need No I think what it is is and why I'm Here is because I really wanted to build The back the manufacturing make sure That we had all our nuts and bolts Before we kind of started before we Prove demand that's the reverse order of What should happen here Well because you're asking me for 1.5 Million valuation 150 000 10 and all you

Got is twelve thousand in sales I don't Know if anybody really wants plop star I'll tell you guys a little bit about my Values yeah I worked at large Advertising firms and five years ago I Actually started my own production Company been incredibly successful I do Broadcast spots for large corporations Advertising PR and also direct to Tech Firms and I wanted to create a product Something that I could create the Content for that looks super Professional at a cheap rate and I kind Of had my aha moment a couple years ago And my little daughter she loves making Bath bombs and I was like wow this would Be perfect So that was my big aha moment there is a 800 pound gorilla in this market I guess I'll say it's poopery yeah of course Yeah and it's a 300 million dollar brand They did 56.5 million dollars it's a Growing category the convenience of not Having to carry a bottle it's Innovative And listen I a Squatty Potty is my Investment and then everybody laughed a Little stool that helped you I believe In toilet But they have just hit 160 million in Sales 5 million squatty potties sold so You know this Could potentially fit within my family Of entrepreneurs in The Squatty Patty What you've created here is interesting

I think that you've made the form factor Convenient and I don't think that the Target audience for you is b2c and Consumers because when people go to Other bathrooms there's a mindset that's Absolutely bizarre they have no respect So you kind of need to Target a business To business model where that people who Are working in hotels or public Restrooms they're like I could drop this Every time because it's the guy before And after me that destroys the place but Don't you think it's a little bit Expensive to sell the business that's The problem right there because it is Pricey I mean they like industrial big Huge gallons of things and you know the Cheapest can be because they're just Pouring it down a toilet and they don't Care yes the B2B model I don't believe Is going to work not for a second but Here's what we see again and again on Shark Tank which always disturbs me it's Your approach to business right I see You as a cautious respectful Intellectual guy very bright assessing Analyzing figuring out how you're going To do you get it right you're going to Get all the pieces in place but you Forgot to take it out to Market and see If there's even a demand there I don't Believe there's a demand for this Product so I'm out Okay you should flush it down the

Friggin toilet I'm not kidding this is going nowhere This is going to be a zero Pop star sucks I'm out It's a bad idea Tyler listen there's a Lot of competition in this area so I Just don't feel it's investable for me So I'm out You're out well can I just tell you I Have a 10 and 8 year old and I love them I've been working relentlessly after Hours to make this work and like my son He just goes Dad this is so cool that You're building something that's Physically tangible and bringing it to Market I actually quite like your idea By the way Wow what you've created here is Interesting but What I struggle is You don't have a game plan I feel if I Give you that 150 can I tell you what I Do you're gonna flush it because there's No plan behind it I do have a plan it's B2B it's the Omni Channel making sure if We could get into retail so I love your energy but you said I want To go B2B great and then oh an Omnichannel and Retail so there would be Too many ants I'm sorry but I'm out All right plop starts over All right thank you so very much take Care all right thank you Tyler do the Right thing you're riding back out on

That you guys have a good night thank You so much I really appreciate it you Guys Tyler good luck He's got he's coming in and going out It's the best part I think the sharks made a big mistake by Not investing in Lobster I think you're Going to see us everywhere and I really Do want to prove all of them wrong and Go man I should have gone in on with Them Wait you're not subscribed to the Shark Tank Youtube channel well then for that Reason I'm out

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