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So half a million dollars you're saying Your company is worth at this moment and You haven't made not one sale Don't you just want to license this to People maybe I do want a license to Somebody I'm not sure we're here we're We're open to suggestions The only guys that ever ever get any Money are able to articulate in 90 Seconds here's how I get rich this is How you get rich because that's how You're doing it So much smack right when you walked in The door it was you know kiosk fifty Thousand dollars is not going to build a Kia I just want more money and I don't Understand with working with you how I Would get there you are going to make More money because this is the hottest Concept in swimwear there's nothing like It on the market all it needs is Gasoline it's going to blow up I'm a Dreamer like everybody here was a Dreamer and I'm going out there's Nothing Damon was a dreamer you were a Dreamer we were all dreamers Barbara but There's nothing wrong with being a Dreamer you came out here you didn't Give us any numbers

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