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Foreign Paul Robinson from Cumbria is The next entrepreneur hoping a dragon Will join up with him on his exciting Journey that started from humble Beginnings I left school with no formal Qualifications and to be able to take a Product that was designed in my garage At home and ends up being pitched to Proper Venture capitalists is really Exciting looks quite crafty this one Reminds me of the airplane part it's a Meccano set for grown-ups It was started in fun and it's just Snowballed it's been a while right Actually and there's one thing about Paul's product that he thinks will grab The dragon's attention straight away The company name is a bit unusual I'll Quite like going into Ikea with my Misses and looking at the Bonkers names That they call things So I was quite up for a Daft name Hello dragons my name's Paul and I'm in The den today looking for 50 000 pounds In return for a 25 equity share in the Wanga flange Most people will be familiar with this Type of thing it's a little bracket it's On everything from Flat pack Furniture To civil engineering projects The problem with these are that it's Limited to the angle that it's set 90 Degrees in this case and the flat Edge

Being square if you change the material You want to build with to round this Won't work you'll need a different Bracket and if you want a different Angle this won't work you need a Different bracket so you end up with Thousands of brackets wouldn't it be Nicer to have a much more flexible Bracket let me introduce to you The Wanga flange you take two longer Flanges you can join any type of Material to any other type of material At any angle and build any shape you Want what we like to say is if you want To build it wanna flange on it thanks For listening and you've all got sample Components so you can try and build a Wanga flange joint It's a well-constructed pitch from Paul Robinson do you need help there Peter I'm just trying to work out why I'm Doing this he's offering to hand over a 25 stake in his construction Contraption Company Deborah's got it straight away You need us women to show you how to do It I've given up but it's fine jukes In return he's asking for 50 000 pounds Now I've done this what do I do with This You can look at look at it look at it Yeah That's just a sample [Music] These look like nunchucks investment

Black belt Tage lalvani is the first Dragon to drill the entrepreneur about His company Wow so Paul quite an interesting Invention are you a builder by trade or I design and build geodesic dorms that's Basically a geodesic structure there They tend to need to be tweaked a little Bit so I was looking for a bracket that Had a little bit of movement in it and That would lock solid okay so who would Be a target market for this the interest That's been shown so far has been Artists exhibition stand makers people Building structures in the gardens Gazebos a whole variety of things what I'm interested in is the home build Garden yep structure yes Market it is Something that is really current at the Moment yeah people are looking for Home Offices they are looking for a little Bit of space are these strong enough to Build actual Garden structures that you Could work in or use as an office space The CE rating would need to be in place Obviously for anything that you walk Inside or stand on so with the garden Structures at the moment I don't think You'd be able to do that without Testing would you no no that's true so You haven't started you haven't started You see that's a little bit of a worry Because you've got no testing so we Might learn that it's actually not

Usable it shouldn't be super difficult It's really over engineered so I don't See any problems with that and yes you Could build much larger things with it There's no limit to the size you can Build greenhouses Airport Paul you're saying a Wanger flange can Build an airport Yes Theoretically yes I haven't done it Myself yet but there's no it's totally Scalable Despite the coupling Contraption not Having any testing the sky is the limit When it comes to Paul's Ambitions for it But it appears too because Another idea for how the bracket could Fly off the shelves Paul first that comes into my mind is How do you bring this into retail And I'm just wondering uh whether this Could be adapted and actually become Sets for children so kids can actually Put these things together yes could you Make little cars could you make rockets You could make rockets and it's best Suited to geometric shapes but cool yes Because of social distancing rules I Can't ask for anybody to come and pinch Me And I just want to know if this is real Do you seem to be a creative genius Potentially like the first thing that We're looking at are these amazing

Objects yeah is is that not your Business is to take what you've invented And then to sell and create these Amazing things as opposed to thinking That you're going to use your Wanger Flange to create an airport From the step S Let's deal with the immediate things That I've already built which with the Small things if we stay with the small Things I'm quite sure that people will Make with one of flanges things that I've never thought about okay but if you Could provide all the parts that comes With your Wanger flange you're selling a Wanger fans clip for homemaking your own Coffee table yes It's a little bit what I said Peter Didn't followed my idea and talked about Other things yeah but um but now I did Not follow your idea at all if you Listen to what I said it's not even Slightly what you said early on Despite those comments I think I'm the One that's come up with a genius idea For you a genius one and and I think That it is doing what you do best and The Wanger flange might then start to Sell later on down the line because People will see that and want to do Their own creative changes to your Things that you do you've got to set Them on a journey first yeah and I think

That is the business But it's not something that I'm going to Be investing in no I wish you the very Best of luck on the journey I'm out [Music] Peter Jones becomes the first dragon to Utter the words every entrepreneur Dreads Is there a fit with Deborah Mead and Business portfolio Paul I think you have definitely got Something here I love what you've done You will sell enough and you will have a Great business and you will earn some Money out of it but I don't think you'll Sell enough print for me to invest in You I think the big stuff isn't going to Happen for quite a while yeah Good luck but I won't be investing okay I'm out Um look I clearly see you've got a Passion for this product but I'm just really struggling to see the Need for a product like this It's a very limited market and I Actually do like working with Niche Businesses because they you focus and You know you get a certain target market But here it's just so now So as an investment today I don't really See it as a business to grow so

Unfortunately I'm going to say I'm out Okay thanks very much So my perception of what's happened Since you walked through those doors is That I feel like the other dragons are Clutching at straws trying to see where The business opportunity is you know two Has gone down he's meccano and Deborah's Been looking in the garden area at Actually I don't think Peter's got it at All What kind of rubbish are you talking now He's building big he's building airports Do mine I've got a guy saying it's From a Wanger flange and I said Creative genius my point exactly but With my heart I mean come on this is Right in my space this is enabling People to be creative you know yeah but The reality of that is The sheer volume of work I would need to Do to try and convert your idea into a Business yeah is Monumental yeah So as an investment unfortunately it's Not a one for me today and I'm out Okay Three more dragons depart in quick Succession leaving Tuka Suleiman as Paul's only remaining hope for Investment He's already had an idea for a potential Use for the product will he now put some Cash into the concept You've got something

If you've come in here and said here's Six products that you can take to Market Yeah with my product yep right that's Where I come in yeah yeah you know yeah If you ever have something in the Children's world yeah that's educational Yes that you've put together I would be Willing But until I see what that is I can't Invest blindly So Unfortunately I'm not going to be invest In my mouth okay thanks very much the Doors open okay thank you I appreciate That Thanks Paul good luck cheers Declines a deal and the product Designers dreams of investment are over I was totally happy I think that com all The comments were fair and balanced and They were really quite Um supportive and they give good Business advice You really just set this guy away to Come up with a Wagga flange baby product Yeah not not baby I didn't say baby I Said children's educational brother I'll Continue on and I look forward to when Peter arrives at an airport and he sees A wang of flanges in the ceiling

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